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  • Hey bro im new here do you know any source for steroids such as test online
    Thank you in advanced
    JP not sure if your still on evo or not. Thought I would try and reach out in case your were. Wanted to know if pharmacom or basicstero are still good sources for sarms. Also IRC.BIO?
    Hi JP, Is the PCT protocol which you mentioned every day dosage? I have stopped at 11 weeks due to the fact my last week 12 shot was missed as i was on vacation. Im ready for PCT but wanted some advice on 4 week PCT versus 6 week. Is 6 week overkill? Also what is the best timing on when to start PCT? Any recommended improvements would be appreciated.
    Hey brother I hope you don't mind the message but I need help. I keep getting underdosed DECA and would like the real deal. Can you lead me in the right with someone who has no min order so I can try it out before I make a big purchase?
    Hello. I saw you messaged roidsource in one of your msgs. Do you think it's good dosage? I was just looking on their site and noticed they have test E in 200, not 250. They used to offer it in 250? I also noticed you're for my area. Bucks County here. Close to the Northeast
    Hey you still around? You helped my newbie ass navigate my first cycle a couple years ago. I just got the itch to try my third. Wondering if I can email you offline from my secure email? Or i can give you my email here. Not sure what protocol is. Thanks
    You are skinny and it clearly annoys you, nonetheless you have no chest or traps.

    No problem go ahead and open post my IP. I'm not new to this pencil dick.
    JP, I've been reading the different post in the forums. I'm definitely a newbie to to this so don't even know exactly how or what to ask. You seem to give legit info. Original my doc prescribed 200 of test for me because I was low on test. But I've started my first cycle and a bud of mine ordered us some t that's labeled 250. I've been on this cycle for about 11 weeks. 1.5 CC twice a week. I have not done bloodwork. I planned on not cycling out till after 6 months. What's your take on that? I'm also wanting to buying my own instead of someone ordering it for me.
    JP... basicstero sent me tracking a week ago. I know they only do that after it clears customs over there. tracking updates a couple times...." received" "processed through Hong Kong facility etc" but then hasn't updated since the 17th. still says processed through a HK facility. You have any experience? You think maybe its on its way and just hasn't been scanned?
    How on earth can pharmacom or roidsource be close to half the price of roidmass? I trust your opinion on this, so im gonna say they both are legit quality products
    No worries JP. You have already been more than helpful and i would not do that to you. Appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions.
    Hello, sorry to bother you :) I saw this thread and I am about to order clen from - the US warehouse. Do you by chance know if they are actually in US? I am 10 weeks out from first figure show and running out of clen. Thank you so much for any input!
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