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    Sorry: I do have one last question Eddie -

    No apologies necessary, bro. It's my pleasure. I, however, will apologize for the fact that it takes me so damned long to notice the notifications of your messages.

    when one goes on HGH, is the objective to keep oneís IGF-1 in range or to go above range if I were to go on it for say 6 months?

    No, that isn't the goal. It is, rather, simply a byproduct of HGH which stimulates IGF-1 levels. That, I think, is a part of Steve's concern that synthetic HGH may exacerbate your condition - because there is, in fact, evidence that HGH does promote cancer.

    Here is an interesting article by Josh Mitteldorf titled "HGH and IGF-Promise and Danger."

    I think that much of it is applicable to you.

    Be well.
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    That makes two of us, bro. That makes two of us.
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    "But isnít my relatively high IGF1 number proof that my HGH is functioning well already?"

    Yes, it is so indicative. I apologize if I failed to make that more clear.

    "Is it possible to have high IGF1 but low HGH?"

    No, I don't believe so. Then again, I'm just an old camera operator rather than any type of physician. :-)

    "I would have thought that they are directly correlated and work together."

    To my knowledge, they are so correlated.
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    "...would the measure of GH bring any more valuable information than what I already have with my IGF1 level?"

    Yes, it would suggest that the disorder relative to your pituitary gland has not caused you to be deficient with respect to HGH - that your pituitary gland is not suppressing your naturally-occuring HGH in order to protect itself. This may well indicate that you (can) use synthetic HGH without doing further harm. But again, I feel very uncomfortable about contradicting Steve Smith. So speak with your endro' about synthetic HGH if you are so able.
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    Your IGF-1 being that high may be an indicator of your not being deficient vis-a-vis naturally-occuring HGH, but I am not at all certain. If you are comfortable with discussing the possible use of synthetic HGH with your endro', it would be best if you were able to simply throw it out there and see what he or she says.
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    Hello, kimmy6

    I will be the first to tell anyone and everyone that Steve Smi is far more knowledgeable with respect to all things related to training, health & fitness, nutrition, etc. So I would be reluctant to go against anything he told you, unless, of course, he is trying to sell you something, but that doesn't seem to be the case in this instance.

    That said, I do know that a benign tumor on or near one's pituitary gland which I know as pituitary adenoma rather than microprolactinoadenoma, can actually (cause) an HGH deficiency. So, although I am loath to contradict Steve, I would think that injecting HGH would very likely serve to raise one's naturally-occurring levels of HGH. Has your endocrinologist mentioned anything about the possibility that the tumor caused an HGH deficiency?
    If not, would you be comfortable with broaching the subject of your possible use of synthetic HGH with your endocrinologist?
  7. why is it overkill? sorry if my question is naive but I'm trying to make the right choices here.
    Do you mean that your preference is either a sarm cycle or steroid cycle but not both together?
    thanks again for your help Steve
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    sure but it really is overkill.
  9. thank you Steve
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    GW + S4 or GW and s4 and lgd

    up to you
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