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  • I just started taking test e 250ml with 10 mg of aromasin on Monday. I am feeling burning and slight soreness on my left nipple, it started today, it would be the third day since I took my first shot So I took 20mg of aromasin and 40mg nolvadex today. But the burning didn't go away there is still irritation on it This my second cycle. I was planning on taking aromasin eod. Since I am already feeling signs of gyno, from one shot of 250ml. What should I do?
    Stop the cycle and order letro? If yes is there another source. Or psl is fine?
    I got my stuff from purity source labs.
    Hey mate are you able to add my wickr "minimart24" just wanna ask you something you may like...
    Hey lev I just started a cycle of mk 2866 and am new to it I wanted to know what to use as mini pct I have seen people say just hcgenerate es will do it but I would like your opinion since it seems like you are pretty knowledgeable about the sarms?
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    I see we were mentioned in this forum
    We would like to be added to the list of sources available for review
    And in the approved sources listing
    What is needed to do that?
    Can we offer an exclusive discount thru Evo?

    You can find a partial product list here
    We are about to add some new products. The new list will be available the next week.

    Best regards,

    Viral Pharmacy
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