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  • Hello again Macedog! I have another question about the same order. Since we spoke last a shipping label was created... but nothing else.
    According to USPS tracking, a label was created and USPS has been “awaiting package” since 2am on the 17th.
    It’s been more than 6 days since payment was provided, and although my order status is “shipped”, it does not appear that it has begun transport.

    I’ve been trying to sit tight, but if you could verify whether or not my package has been shipped that would be great.

    Thanks for everything man! 💪🏻
    I was waiting for confirmation that my WU payment was picked up. They confirmed the details being recieved over 3 days prior. I was getting nervous about the money I sent being unaccounted for up until now.

    As I said before though, I recieved updates this morning and all is well! Thanks for your help and patience!
    Hey Macedog24,

    Big fan of you guys, placed many orders w PSL. I made an order recently, sent a few emails and messages on here, but no response from anyone.

    Can you assist?
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