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  • Hey Masonic, have been looking for a domestic supply and messaged syn pharma rep and Nordic fusion rep. Can you PM me?
    Hi Masonic, I’m from Kitchener Ontario and I’ve seen on here that you’re the person to go to for good sources in Canada! Could you Pm your Canadian sources please and thanks!
    Whenever you want to share why you hate what I am doing in order to share knowledge and positivity here I am.
    Thank you
    Hey. Can you pm me ? I cant cause i dont have 50 post lol. canadiens from QC looking for a New source. Its a mess to find à reliable one on internet.

    Hmu if.ypu can help.!
    Hey Masonic, tried you on Wickr but I don’t know if it’s working. My user is anvil8000, looking for your expert opinion on Canadian sources bro. Please and thank you.
    I'm just starting the perfect pct what is the best way to spread out everything through out the day? I go to the gym early morning.
    I'm currently running a test, dbol, and npp cycle and my supplier doesn't have access to caderine. I'm having a hard time finding companies that will ship to the USA that aren't going to rip me off. Do you know of any? I'm about to try but the reviews are pretty bad. Any help would be appreciated
    Hey I'm trying to get blood work done i live in BC dont want to really go to my doctor do you have any ideas? And what test do I need to take?
    Thank you
    Hey man just wondering if you could send me a quick pm with Nordic fusions new contact information? I have been dealing with pareto for the past couple years but it’s definitely a lot more expensive and would like to find a new source. I emailed them yesterday only to realize today that the email was their old one. I understand if you can’t help me but it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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