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  • Mobster - just wanted to quickly reach out and say thank you for the kind words on our introduction post brother.
    Hi mate I’m ordering from PSL in the UK, I’ve chose bank wire USA but I am really struggling to marry up the info they have given me - for example I’m missing a bank address. Perhaps I’m using a payment method unavailable to me. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Hey man, you seem to know your stuff. I did my first shot of test Sunday. And my cheek has a hard lump in it and is pretty sore. Only a tiny bit of redness. I had to do my second shot today was in the other cheek. I'm started on 300mg substanen test. Is this normal? For it to be still sore l im e this 3 days later?
    Hey Mobster! Thanks for the response. How do you suggest I contact them? I’ve sent multiple emails and then the ‘visitor messages’, but have heard nothing. Any ideas?
    hi, it'#s been a while and it seems genesis has shut down? do you have any other good UK sources? thanks
    I've zero experience with any you mentioned. You can, of course, use the board sponsor PSL (they'll ship to the UK). I've also had product (given to me) from which is UK based.
    Thanks for the reply. The commercial gym I go to here in the UK doesn't have many serious lifters unfortunately. Back in Hungary I got my gear from competitors I knew, but here I thought ordering online should be easier, however I find it difficult to determine which sources and which labs are worth ordering because each one of them have both positive and negative reviews. I'm currently considering ordering either Balkan Pharma, Sphinx Labs, Magnus or Cooper, these are the ones I've found with the most consistent recent positive reviews. Do you have any experience with any of these? If so, do you have a recommended source or do you always get them from your local gym?
    Hi Mobster,

    I recently made an order from for SIS labs orals and Dragon Pharma injectables. Now I've made the mistake of only googling after ordering, and pretty much every forum I've visited is saying that SIS labs orals are bunk, so now I'm looking for a domestic UK source to order some dbol/var from. I would love to get Balkan Pharma and I looked at this website called that I found on eRoids, but it seems very shady. Do you have any recommendations for an UK domestic source? I would prefer to order domestic if possible.

    Kind Regards
    I just started taking test e 250ml with 10 mg of aromasin on Monday. I am feeling burning and slight soreness on my left nipple, it started today, it would be the third day since I took my first shot So I took 20mg of aromasin and 40mg nolvadex today. But the burning didn't go away there is still irritation on it This my second cycle. I was planning on taking aromasin eod. Since I am already feeling signs of gyno, from one shot of 250ml. What should I do?
    Stop the cycle and order letro? If yes is there another source. Or psl is fine?
    I got my stuff from purity source labs.
    Thanks for the source.I can not seem to find any hgh on there.Do you perhaps know where I can get hold of some in UK?
    thanks for the help, do you have a current web address for them? im not sure what i'm finding is the same source, thanks
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