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  • You dont read our terms - we dont accept proton emailms : ( - we got them but you will never get reply form us : ( so you must to chnage email address and email us it is only way : (
    I’ve tried emailing [email protected]
    I want to make sure you guys are getting my emails.
    It’s been a few days I’ve changed my email to a ProtonMail email and accidentally typed Protron instead of so I’m not locked out of my account. I’m trying to place an order with you guys this week.
    Please fallow of instruction which you got it is the tebst way or just email us [email protected] a nd asking about order and what is the best way for you - because teher you can get all details - thanks
    Previous client.

    Logged into account. Made order. Then noticed you guys don't want us using some email hosts anymore. I received a new order confirmation to this type of email.

    Should use a different email and reorder?

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