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  • Hey so in regards to my post about the slightly elevated AST. Would you recommend maybe using some tudca for a bit or something? Had dude say something was likely very wrong with my liver or kidneys and others say it could be nothing lol
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    Hi Rick, I'm a female looking to get rid of body fat. I'm looking into doing a cycle of SARMS. I'm about 22%BF wanting to reduce to 16-17%. What protocol do you recomend for the cycle and post cycle? Thank you!!
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    Hey what's man sorry for sending you this but I know you have a lot more expirencence than me on gear. But it's never bad for more new things to learn & gets different views & opinions. Right now I finished my cycle of 10 weeks of test e 600 mg, I'm hoping on my pcts next week with Clen to cut down in bf%. Right now I am 6' 250 with 19% bf. I want to get under 10% and after I want to get gain a lot of mass. I have heard a lot of doing dbol w/ test or tbol w/test or even tren e w/ test. What would you suggest. I have done 4 cycles before 3 with test e 600 mg/wk & 1 with tren e & test e, I did 600 mg/wk both. I know people said that tren is a very powerful drug but I took my safety precautions & it went smooth, I gained a lot of strength and some size, but I was already a big dude, I was more on the powerlifting side but now I wanna power bodybuild.. But if you were able to help me out with some guidance that would be awesome, thanks bro..
    Just curious.. new to this SARMS stuff.. always used the basics in the past... trying to do more and more research on it.. but is sarms generally stacked with test / tren type cycle? or does it replace test
    forgot to say please man!...HA!...on my phone...supposed to be working...I think the thread had something to do with body recomp dieting came up and your dieting plan was mentioned...
    I noticed you are very knowledgeable around the boards.

    I was wondering if you could give me a good oct and pct plan?

    I am planning a 12 week cycle of test e at 500 mg per week (250 mg twice a week)
    With the first 6 weeks also including 25 mg of dianabol everyday.

    Obviously with this cycle I am concerned with gyno and I want my oct and pct to be absolutely perfect and perfectly suited to this stack/cycle.
    Thank you very much in advance.
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