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  • Appreciate that very much bro,hate guys coming on here trashing the forum,turning it into a circus,all the best to you bro
    hit up gearhead with this info. he will take care of it, he handles that forum. thanks man, take care nice weekend for you
    hey buddy, thanks so much for that - am super grateful.

    Is this the same ozpharmlabs who used to be a primary sponsor of the board? Back when they first came onboard as a sponsor i was a super regular client of theirs however after a few months they changed threema ID and then a few months after that I got a new phone and lost touch. Had a lot of trust and rapport built up with them originally and so i guess i'm just looking for some reassurance that theyre still operating with the professionalism and reliability that they used to?

    Also while i'm here I was wondering if you have any other g2g aussie domestic sources for test and/or ancillaries that you'd be willing to share?
    thanks for your time

    Hi brother, looking to get sponsor spot on here along with my spot on BOP. I need a VIP referral as part of my application to sponsor. Send me an email at [email protected] and ill send you some samples for nothing to test out and see what you think. If your happy maybe you would be happy to refer me for sponsorship
    Hay bro, I am trying to get approval here on Evo. I am approved on BOP and I have sent heaps of messages to anyone who can get me on here. Last response I got was that they aren’t taking any new Australian sponsors? Anyway send me your details to AussieApex on Wickr and ill send those samples bro. They will probably ban me anyway
    Hay brother, tI’m gonna give them ago This week, definitely use threema no go for wickr coz iv added the rep one on Wickr, And is his latest account should be on there tread in here hay??, thanks heaps for the advice greatly appreciated. I’ll Be sure to let you know how it goes. I’m living in south eastern Melbourne Berwick, just moved from Brisbane
    Sorry mate, I realised this is breaking the rules of the forum by offering any form of sale or anything at all without being a approved sponsor. I am going through that process so will need to wait until this is complete before discussing anything further. It is my bad, I should not have asked you to PM me. That is a violation of the rules.
    Hi mate, im currently chatting about becoming a sponsor on here, along with another forum. I currently still have 2 weeks of work away but as I said I will send you some free samples as soon as i get back. Definitely not a scammer, iv been scammed like every one else. What you running at the moment and ill send some gear you can use. Like i said, 2 weeks away then 100% will send it.
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