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  • Hi bro send your details pls I can't send pm yet cause I'm under 100 posts. Thanks for the help
    What's going on bro. I am going to be running almost the same cycle you ran as my first cycle. Just wanted to know if you thought it was truly worth it? I know everything is setting me back a good amount but I definitely want to get into good shape and get some abs going for myself. Any feedback is appreciated!
    What's up man. I just bought Oxandrovar last week. I was told I would only need one bottle along with n2guard. That sound about right? Curious, how were your results? My colleague told me it was better than the real Anavar because it had multiple hormones in it. I can't find any reviews on this stuff online for some reason. You were the only forum. Anyway, your response is greatly appreciated!

    Matt R.
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