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  • Good Morning Scarlet, please keep an Eye on the amount of PM's that you have.
    I couldn't sent you a Reply last night because you were over 50 in your Inbox.
    Talk later................. JP
    In the Morning before I eat I do Tabata's, they only take 4 Minutes.
    You can pick quite a few different exercises for this, like Jumping Jacks or Body Squats, or Skater Hops. It goes like this, 20 Seconds on and 10 seconds Rest, a Total of 8 Rounds. The Whole Idea is to go as Fast as You can for 20 Seconds, every time you do a Round. You could even Run in place as fast as you can, Pumping your Arms and bringing your Knees up............ JP
    When you get to 50 Posts, let me know and I can get into Depth, PM's allow 55,000 Characters, not 1,000 like this.
    My Message was a Great Deal Longer, but this Stupid thing will only let me Post 1,000 Characters, Sorry.
    On the Topic of Protein Powder, pick one that is Sweetened with Stevia only, if you want it Sweetened.
    Most Brands use either "Sucralose", which is Processed with Chlorine and Kills your Gut Flora, so it can really Constipate you.
    Or Acesulfame Potassium is Processed with "Methylene Chloride", a known Carcinogen.
    Hi Scarlet,
    I have found that when you are Picking your Ab exercises, you want one's that give you Flexion (stretch), and Contraction.
    So Crunches with your Feet touching and pulled in (Frog Crunches), and a Rolled up Towel under the small of your Back.
    This will allow you to Stretch the Abs before you Contract them, this is a Good Starter, 3 Sets with 15 seconds rest.
    Then move to a Bench, and Sit at the end, lay back, and grab the Bench behind your Head or to the Side of your Head.
    Now to start, hang your Legs straight off the Bench, keeping them Straight, lower slowly below the Height of the Bench.
    Then raise them Slowly until your Hips come off the Bench (straight leg reverse crunch) 3 sets with 15 seconds rest.
    Now for the Last, either Hanging Leg or Knee Raises. If you can't do the Hanging Version. You can do the Version off of a Combo Lat tower/dip station, you'll know it when you see it, it has a Back-pad, Armrests, and Handles. Or if you have Access to Ab Straps.
    If I can ever be of Assistance, just ask, you can't PM me until you reach 50 Posts.
    But I think if you Click on my Name and then go to my Page and Click "Visitor Messages", you can Leave me a Message.......... JP
    Just like I'm doing now.
    lol my paying clients don't even call everyday so i can't accommodate that kind of help but i can do what i can for you... good luck with everything... remember, there is nothing more important than your health and a fitness filled life will provide health and longevity...
    you are very welcome... i am very pleased to hear that the videos provide you guidance and help... pm me anytime you need help with anything!
    Looking for some guidance. I'm a 34 year old women and I want my stomach back! Ready to do what it takes. Please help!
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