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  • Hi man
    You said that you have used meditech pharmacy prouduct
    It is good!?
    I want to use somapure brand from the same pharmacy what you can say about this?
    Thanks in advace
    hello ,
    am from india (Mumbai ) and I was just going through your visitor messages and noticed that you have recommended 8750214777 - this contact number to a member which belongs to farma glow - Haryana . just wanted to ask is this source legit as I also have his number , he deals in eminence , alpha , thaiger . also do u have any legit source here I india .

    Hy bro..can u pls give me little guidance i am also from india uttarpradesh...
    I going to start bulking this winter. But i confuse to select roid company some of gym members say alpha is worst ..
    And i have a source that give original products they have only 4 brands
    Uk pharmacy
    They say their products are 100% original and check in official website can u give some guidline which in these is good iam going to buy some deca and test e..
    Ok cool brother really appreciate your info. So they are cool if I shoot them a call to help guide me if my predict is legit or not? Everything checks out as legit when I go to there site but this day in age with how good counterfiters are getting you can never be to careful
    Ok great brother ill look for those.. Also not sure if my last message posted but was wanting to see if there was a specific way to tell if thaiger pharma products were fake?? I have a few boxes if sust 350 all codes match up on there website you think Im good to go if codes check out good?
    Also what brand of Testoviron Depot are avaliable in India that you recommend is better then thaiger products? Thanks buddy
    jai hind bro some medicine you can buy your nearest medical shop TESTOVIRON DEPOT which is test enanthat its a very good product better then alpha and thiger but some medicine you can not get that is why i give you a phone number try it number is 8750214777 buy the way i am from kolkata and further any query you can message me here take cr
    Hi Bro,
    I'm from India, Karnataka.
    Where can I get legit steroids in India.
    I know dealers of Alpha and Thaiger , do you have any other contacts?
    plz dont take clen i used it before just a wast of money. not only that clen gives lots of side affect. i used it 2week on 2 week off protocal
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