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  • I was thinking about placing an order and I wanted to know if you could send me a product list with prices. What kind of payments do you take and are you domestic usa?
    Hey what's up bruh, I've been reading posts for the last week about who's got the best ugl and robo and pro were the two I got the best feedback on, but robo dosent have any winni so hear we are.. Id like to put an order of some contest prep(prop/tren/mast) some npp, primo and winni. I'm currently on genesis gear and it's clean but a little on the weaker side. Is their anyway I can get a product price list? I live outside NYC, and I have about 2cc left of sust and Watson cyp, so I gotta get something goin soon.. Lmk if that's possible,
    Thanks bro, joey
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