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  • Username,Shen Long,request ban,spreading race hate,calling menbers pedos,insulting members mother's.going on about white privilege,i find this unacceptable and have notified him that this is not the forum for that type of shit,has turned the whole Aussie member community against him despite himself.i love this forum and community,anyways Steve have a great day from us here down under.
    Well you was the only one who responded to my post about starting a cycle of test and npp. I’m 5’3 and weight 130 been working out for a while on and off. Just need to know how to do a cycle with those two.
    Hey man sorry to bother you but just thought I’d message you direct if that’s okay and you wouldn’t mind helping a brother out
    Hey Steve, seen your message about doing a consult to review blood work. Not sure how this site works but how do I get a hold of you and what are your fees?

    Hey Steve,
    Been looking for a quality coach for a while and I’ve been hearing your name around. Last year hit 89kg at 5’10 and at around 15% body fat. Due to my medication lost all muscle and fat and dropped down to 59kg and around 8-10% body fat and looking to climb back up again but keeping the same level of body fat. Would be great if you were keen on me hiring you as a coach.
    Hi Steve-

    I'm very interested in hiring a coach for my first cycle - please message me back if you would be open to something like this, I know you come very highly recommended.
    Hey Steve ,

    Not sure if you can help me. But I keep trying to update my log and it’ll let me hit post but it doesn’t every show after I hit post.

    It’s the my Anavar+rad140 and Cardarine cycle.

    Let me know if you need anything else or what’s up
    Hey Steve,

    Big fan of your podcast.

    My question to you is Geneza Direct on sources gtg for anavar and primobolan. Want to get direct from manufacturer as this looks like the best bet. Just don't want to get ripped off. I know it's advertised on the site. Just want to confirm it's a ok.

    Thanks kyle
    Hi Steve,I am unable to message you as I am a new member. But do you do paid advice? thanks
    Hi there, I tried emailing z20… but I haven’t heard anything back yet so maybe I mistyped it and I’m just stupid. My email is Maybe if you email me first it will work and I can try replying to your message. The consult fee is totally fair and I’m excited to speak with you further and set up a time. Thanks
    Hey there! I’m getting ready to try and do my first and likely only cycle in hopes of gaining significant muscle and myonuclei density before I start getting tested due to my high performance. I’ve got questions regarding what I can run concurrently and general advice for what would be best for athletic performance in combination with pure hypertrophy. Hit me up when you get a chance and let me know the process for scheduling a consultation and I will proceed. Thank you!
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