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  • hey steve sorry to bother you again, i know i had asked you this before about purity, but im getting ready to make a decent order, and just wanna double check, you believe i should be very comfortable with any and all of their products, orals, liquid and growth? thanks for the feedback. also, considering the moderate price difference, would you say the mail order growth you mentioned to me before is worth the extra few dollars in comparison to purity's gh/ again thanks for the info i appreciate your help!!!
    Hello, pretty new with all this started with sus300 1ml 2 times a week now have been on a low dose of test 250 (3/4) 1 time a week for past 12 weeks. Gained a little size but a friend is telling me to go with sus300 along with tren. I have decent size but I don’t take anything but lit preworkout ISO 922 post workout. Wanting more gains but have been reading where people take other things along with their cycles. 42 year old male 215lbs. Gonna check out ur ebook real quick as well, sorry, my question is what should I be taking with a tren/sus cycle
    Thanks Travis.
    Hey I'm Marv, I'm reading your progress posts on sarms and I'm interested in that code you speak of. I'm already on a prescription of testosterone cyponate .5 cc a week and wanted to enhance my progress. I will have to be on test C for the rest of my life so I was looking into some good enhancements to cycle.

    Thanks man,
    Hey man on the PSL site they took down the Novlva pct. do you know why or if it will come back? I just want to get some before I start.
    I need an "Amazon" coupon for N2Guard
    They're having problems on the main website!
    Please help if you can, thanks for your help pal..I appreciate it💪
    Hey Steve!
    Just started using pcl. I have a question about the wu why does receiver is in China. It just makes it look sketchy
    I made about 50 ml of TE that is crippling me I don't know if it's the carbolic acid or the 5% BA, the EQ I did is 100! I would hate to throw it all out in want to try to cut it with a something to see if it reduces the pain. I've been reading about purity labs on here I wanted to Maybe pick up a couple of things I was wondering if you have a discount code you can give a new guy?
    Hey, mailorderhgh isn’t working still. How’s G TROPIN from Puritysourcelabslabs? Does it come with sterile or bacteriostatic water?
    Thank you. Looking to order it soon once I'm back in Canada. Since Mark(?) from sarms1 said the customs in Thailand sucks :(.

    It looks like the discount code doesn't get applied on the mobile site, but works fine on the PC site! Just in case anyone has trouble with it. Couldn't find the buy 2 get 1 deal from sarms1 mentioned in some older posts~ assuming it's not available anymore right?

    Could I also get the code for n2bm as well if that's okay?

    Thank you :)
    Sorry steve idk if my last message went thru...u gave me a coupon code steve05 (thank you) and my checkout price is still the same...i went all the way to confirm order and its the same there as
    Hey man i know im knew on here but you mentioned a coupon for sarms...i have a order qued up and if i could save a few bucks thatd be great...thx
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