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    also, I posted on here rather than PMing cause I can't PM yet, not enough points, I mostly lurk on the boards. Feel free to PM me in response, or post on here (visitor msgs), I'll keep an eye out for both if you don't mind responding that is. Either way, thank you.
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    I saw you post that you had experimented/tried S23 before in an older thread. I plan on doing a 12 week cycle, and want to try S23 for the final 8 weeks of the cycle, with some LGD/Rad in the first 4 weeks. I know I need a Test base which I don't have experience with, was thinking of loading up with some of this , was wondering how to go about dosing it (I do have experience with injectables/GH). And I'm aware that I'll need a PCT for the end of my cycle as well. Wondering if there was anything that I'm missing, or that you'd suggest adding/looking into,N again how to go about the TBase dosing. I did my first 8 week cycle earlier this year, I ran Rad 10mg a day, Ostarine 40 mg a day split into 20/20, and Cardarine @ 20mg a day split 10/10. Saw nice results I was happy with. I'll more than happily pay/donate for your help/advice. Thank you.
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    Hello Steve, I would like a reliable US source and any promo code you may know. Thanks!
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    Hey steve, looking for sarms1 and n2bm codes.
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    Sarms1 code please. thanks.
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    Hi Steve, I tried sending a pm but I don't have enough posts yet. I posted about starting my first cycle and you mentioned about a one on one consult. Let me know what info you need or how we can get it started. Thanks.
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    Hey is landmarkchem a good source? Also any other u.s. sources you could hop me to would be great, Im a dumb ass and need one that works kinda quick cause I am horrible at planning ahead. Thanks for your time and help!!! Oh a little addition Im looking for raw powders as I trust myself way more than anyone else. Thanks again!!!
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    Stevesmi. I was a longtime member of elite fitness forums about 8-10 yrs ago with the name of (Spektor). Good buddies with Gladiator if that rings a bell. Anyways hope all is well. I am back at it and looking to connect on something domestic US. Any help appreciated
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    Looking for the US sources list.
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    Hey Steve, ok so I walk anywhere from 2-5 miles a day &between working 40+ a wk & a 12 year old I manage to stay busy. in the evenings I do squats & a few 30 min cardio workouts. a little about myself, I was in dance all through school, so I pretty much stayed in shape & never got over 120 lb.However things changed when I got caught up in some drama & went to jail for 2 years which was an absolute culture shock to both my mind & definitely my body. when I came home I was 180 lb & miserable. That was when I did my first cycle of Winstrol. Between that & working out I got to 155 & then I finished my cycle & stopped losing. A year later & I'm still 155lb. it's like after I stopped taking the Winstrol, I never lost any more. I took it for about 6 wks. I did 10 a wk for 3 wks then 15 a wk for next 3 wks, but I did not like the sides. Hair & enlarged clitorious. But I am extremely ready to get a cycle going, I'm just not sure what it should be. Can you please help, thanks for your time!
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