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  • tadeas you are not responding nor shipping my order for more than 2 weeks, can u please ship and respond?:)

    Name: Julian Durden
    Order ID: 11914
    Tadeas, good afternoon brother! Sent my request for permissions to RM. Was wondering if you still handled the influx of newbies to your site? Thanks. Any info is much appreciated.
    Hi Tadeas! Just about to make an order on your site but couldnt find any HCG on there. Was wondering if you guys sell it or if there are any other approved sources I can buy from.
    Hello my friend, I am wanting to place an order on roid mass and read that I can ask you for a discount code for my order. Do you have a discount code I can use?

    Thank you for your help.
    Hi brotha, I'm new to this forum and heard many good things from roidmass. I'm very interested in buying your primo in bulk (12+). It's not easy to find legit primo.. and to spend that much money.. I hope they're legit. I was wondering if you have blood work or anything for the primo. And, do you have a discount code for first time buyer? Thanks brotha!
    Hey my Wickr is Jax92.
    I also just emailed you with a screenshot of a convo I had on there.

    My email is different but the screenshot shows my Wickr name.
    Was seeing if you could PM me a code for roidmass. Used them several times but I just now saw a post about a code for them. Thanks
    Tadeas, Is RM still the way to go? Would be shipping to Cali...

    Appreciate your good word sir...

    Been out of the game for a while with a broke elbow, hand and torn Bi tendon.

    Really appreciating you helping and old vet man 🤙🏻
    I just double checked and made sure with WU.

    If you need proof, I can send photo of my WU receipt with all the info onto your email
    (this conversation thing don't allow me to upload from my pc)

    i'll assume everything's set and good to go?
    + in the future, if it's possible I'd like to get it shipped faster, and willing to pay the shipping cost
    this is just my 'try out' package, thanks
    How long does it normally take to get approved? I'd certainly love to use you service but I'm sure the service is in high demand and I'm prbabky on a long waiting list.
    All set for 1st order can you share a coupon code? If not no worries just let me know either way so I vacancies get on with it. Thanks brother.
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