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  • Tadeas want to place my 1st order. Waiting on approval and any coupon codes you have available. Thank you Sir. Heard good things I hope this goes good!
    Hello! I made my order 5 days ago, and I was curious if I will get a tracking code, or if it will just be sent. I made the order 5 days ago and the order number is #11101 on Feb 26th. I'd appreciate any information you'd be able to provide. The WU shows to have been picked up on the 27th and it lists on the order its processing, and it will be shipped within 72-100 hours, but it has recently eclipsed that outer parameter.
    Hey Tadeas, Just about to place my first order with you. I was hoping you could help me out with a discount code. I emailed you from the "ahutch" address but haven't heard back yet. I also was replying to your thread post but it hasn't posted either. If you could help a brother out id appreciate man. Thanks!
    Just wanted to say hi and that I'm keenly waiting on approval on your site. Also if there is a discount code available. Looking forward to putting in my first order
    Hey bro! just registered and waiting approval. Wanted to drop a hello and looking fwd to the future!
    How's it going? Getting ready to place my first order on RM. is there a discount code available? Thanks
    Waiting on approval, but looking forward to doing business. Just wondering time frame on shipping to US?
    Hi buddy,

    Looking forward to placing an order on Roidmass, website looks great, i've been approved! Just wanted to check that shipping is available for the UK?


    Hey bro, I'm placing an order and would like to use the discount code if possible. New to this site, but not the game. Thx
    New to site. Found through EF. Also found RM through here. Signed up but obviously will need to wait to be approved.

    New to this all. Sorta. Currently have a presc for TRT. Just doing homework on possible future cycle.

    Just seeing if emailing you would help to get approved. Thx.
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