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  • Hey man, I was hoping I could register to RM. I moved from Pittsburgh to San Diego and lost my source in the process. Thanks!
    Hi, just wondering whether you have shipped to australia before. If so are you confident that you are able to get past our customs? Cheers
    Hey Tadeas, just signed up waiting for approval, looking at a few places for new source. Hopping roid mass can be my go to. Also wouldn't turn down a promo code!. Thanks, Liquidforce
    Hi Tadeas. I need your help please . I register with the site 2 days ago but haven't hear from them . Really need to put in an order . Could you please help me with that! Aloha
    Hey Tadeas, new member to the forum. Registered to the roidmass site last weekend but haven't heard anything back yet. Could you approve me? And I saw some stuff about a discount code?
    Hey wuts up could you approve new sign up on roid mass and maybe some new member discounts thanks ...cheewysr
    hi I am looking to make a purchase however at checkout I saw you guys don't take moneygram, is there a reason for this? Because the closest wu location to me is 55 minutes away, while the closest moneygram is about walking distance to me
    Hey, I made an order with abs it shipped on March 29th and I still haven't received it. I'm pretty concerned and frustrated. My first order only took 3 weeks to arrive from the date I made the payment. What's going on? According to tracking info it isn't even in the u.s. yet? My order# is 10466
    Hi Tadeas. Do you sell HGH? A newbie in the forum... Hence a very basic question. Also, do you ship to Europe.
    I am not ready to order but would like to know prices for tren ethanate. Also dbol anavar and win v orals. Since you only allowed 50 to join at a time I don't want to waste a spot just to see prices.
    Hello, emailed you back regarding the WU issue and commission issue not sure if you received my email about the order as I emailed you once before about 1 week ago regarding something else and never got a reply.

    Hey brother I'm doing my roid mass order tomorrow evening. I just wanted to make sure and see if the 50% discount or 20%-40% discount will still be happening. Thank you so much these deals are phenomenal,and I've heard so much greatness about your products.
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