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  • This is the only way I see I can message anyone? I dont see a private message option?
    Why you bent on swole myself and A dozen friends been on their products for three years no complaints just added Lb's i'm actually on EQ as we speak oil yellow and thick just like it should be amateurs don't know how to pin it don't read reviews there a bunch of BS GL2U
    No problem. We do have a promo for 30% off right now. If you pay for at least the Tren I will honor the test e being free so you can test them both no problem. The reason I ask for you to pay for the tren is because these guys are buying up all my tren stock lol. If you want to help, we could use some good feedback on Meso or other boards. We always pay it forward when someone helps us out on other forums. Please don't tell everyone because then I will be an ass if I don't send a ton of free gear.

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