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Thread: Anavar + Stanozolol combo "synergistic interaction" look for yourself HERE!

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    Anavar + Stanozolol combo "synergistic interaction" look for yourself HERE!

    If you haven't been told about this magic oral combination with Winny & Anavar,
    well I'm simply sorry to say, you've been getting scammed out of some amazing gains you could've made!


    It's that time of year where we need to emphasize on our waistline, striations, and overall muscle hardness!
    What's one of the most under-rated compounds for the job? Stanozolol with Anavar!

    Now before you grab your elbows and wince in pain at the mere site of the name "winstrol"...
    Let's talk about a "gear hack" that's not commonly known well in the mainstream, and no I'm not about to mention adding Nandrolone..
    You can still experience the super effects from winstrol without suffering from joint related issues and agitation..

    Here's how!

    Winny and Var oral combo...That's right, and oral combo, not only will this allow "stanozolol" to perform solo displaying it's unique abilities,
    there will also be a "synergistic interaction" between the both assisting in a faster fat loss ratio,and more pronounces muscle definition and volume/hardness!

    I personally love this combo..Var has amazing collegen and elastin synthesis "fibrous glycoprotein properties" (which is found in connective tissue)..
    So when adding winny and joint related issues are a concern,
    Var will simply combat that as while you're attempting achieve a HARDER,LEANER more
    vascular look that winny does so well for many.
    Others find winny worthless, but nothing gets me as hard and
    vascular as winny does (oral wise)..

    60mgs var, 50mgs winny...

    Running high dose var is not always optimal for someone's wallet, with this said it can still provide the furnishing convenience
    and opportunity while experiencing the great effects at a lower dosage with the addition of winny...

    I almost concider it like a "Gear Hack" so to speak..
    Only at

    Var has some great potential at low and moderate dosages, the whole notion that high dosage is where it's at is plain silliness,
    a matter of fact 60-80 mgs of good legit var can posses debilitating pumps, well for me at least,
    however it's been proven in clinical studies that anything over 60mgs has diminishing returns..

    The complimentary, synergistic effect between var and winny is simply amazing,
    having the ability to run lower dose var and subbing the gap with winny? Tits...

    Now let's talk about ways to
    I love that word, don't you?

    When you add these products or any products to your shopping cart you have the option to click "bulk offer"..
    Here you can clearly see how and where you can

    Stanozolol - (50ct) 6 sachets 10mg tabs = $120
    Anavar - (50ct) 6 sachets 10mg tabs = $270

    Click combo 300/300 deal and POW $41 deduction instantly ..
    Good stuff right?

    (Click below to capitalize on this amazing savings opportunity)


    Below is some additional bonus material that explains the principles behind AAS and fat loss.

    Over the years there's been massive debates, and of lately there's been some discussions in many of the panels in regards to AAS and fat loss..
    Some in the gear world populace are advocating that there's "no such thing", or AAS don't burn fat..

    Testosterone, Stanozolol, Anavar!

    Now, you're gonna hear mix reviews on this.. However, I have seen enough evidence that supports AAS having,creating a environment/platform for fat burning..
    DIET without a doubt is crucial, and the pivotal player..However, there is real science behind fat loss and AAS,
    but please don't put all your money on it solely as an effective combatant..But nonetheless AAS is effective!

    AAS that are seen/recognized on the high/or moderate androgenic scale will in fact promote/increase lipolysis..
    Thus andros have a higher binding affinity to AR's..

    FYI; Androgen receptors are found throughout cellular groups, as well as FAT and muscle cell/groups, now we know that they initiate a response on AR's
    in muscle cells to promote size/growth, at the same given time they will have a cascade of effects on other cells and AR's found therein fat cells inducing activity/burning..

    Higher/more potent the androgen binds to the androgen receptors, the greater the lipolytic response will be on adipose tissue (brown or white)...

    Now lets also take into great consideration AR upregulation with the presence of androgens, more AR sites throughout targeting tissue..
    There's a vast amount of activity in which a complex interplay between activation and inactivation mechanisms and signaling between cell groups,
    what People need to remember that hormones are "chemical messengers" that rely messages to cells that display specific receptors for each hormone and respond to the signaling..
    Depending on the compounds and the individuals metabolization ratio the hormone can/may make changes directly to a cell, by changing the genes that are activated,
    or by making changes indirectly to a cell by stimulating other signaling pathways inside a specific cell group that is effected and effect other processes, thus this can "initiate" an intracellular cascade of events..
    So, the notion that fat loss is NOT presence, and to mitigate that AAS don't posses any fat loss properties is absurd...

    So, yes AAS (Stanozolol) may/will assist with fat loss, Have your macro's dialed in with your AAS intake, cardio ,
    training on point and anything is possible, we've seen amazing things happen in this lifestyle..

    There's an abundance of clinical research and peer-reviewed data that strongly supports testosterone, stanozolol, anavar and many other AAS
    assisting with fat reducing actions and its preventative impact on adipocyte generation...As AAS (especially Testosterone and winstrol, anavar)
    acts both in the breakdown of existing fat tissue and to hinder pre-adipocytes from maturing.

    Team PSL,

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    Best oral combination to cutting . You get hard from winny and full and strong from anavar . There is some steroids that ccombined with other are like 1+1=3

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    If someone is in contest prep or they are in prep for the beach this is the stock to use with test prop/tren ace Gold line blend..

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