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    Door Chin up bars

    I weighed 230 before usmc bootcamp and I was more concerned of breaking the pull up bar I had than the door frame. Most of them hold up very well. Really depends on the way they mount.
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    Staph Infection from injection

    My first inclination would be an unclean injection site and/or needle, or contaminated gear.
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    Hmmmm I searched both of those on my iPhone but no luck
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    I second this whats the name of the app? I cant find it either.
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    I havent heard anything about cel being raided, but it appears the owner of SNS and SNO got busted with what sounds like raws for prohormone products. **EDIT** I went back to the story I had read on it, and they said their is a third company involved, but the didnt name that company.
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    Anyone ever use those Synthetek products!!

    I have seen lots of great reviews on these 2: Synthetine and Syntheselen. Several of these reviews were from well respected guys on elite. I wanna try them, but dont have any experience just the reviews ive read.
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    Helladrol/dbol/proviron cycle?

    That's gonna be rough on the liver.
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    Not what I expected from Cycles...

    8 weeks is plenty of time to see results. The main thing you want is to be fully recovered before you cycle again. Which is why before and after blood tests are important. I personally take much longer than the total cycle length off, and I make gains even through pct.
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    Not what I expected from Cycles...

    No It doesnt sound like enough time off. Remember time off = PCT + time on. Plus as you said before you started the test you ran several ph cycles with only 4 weeks between. Id take 12 weeks off maybe a bit more if it were me.
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    Alcohol consumption...?

    What is needtoslin and gear gonna do for drinking?? Are you hoping for them to not let the extra cals effect you? I'd say go it with out any supps if your getting that drunk and if your on any oral aas or ph thats a very bad idea.
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    Not what I expected from Cycles...

    Id take longer than an 8 week break, and that alone should make your next cycle better.
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    Not what I expected from Cycles...

    Possibility of bunk gear is always there, but I still feel it's difficult to judge gains with a scale. Are you using an ai?
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    Not what I expected from Cycles...

    8 lbs in 8 weeks aren't bad results at all... Is that based off the scale? Is that a number of true lbm that was gained? If you didn't figure any fat loss into that number and it's based strictly on the scale. Then the number is relatively useless. If your concerned the gear is bunk go get a...
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    To Much Sweating

    I've never found a way to make it better just ways to make it worse Tren, t3 and such make me sweat more but nothing puts a dent in my sweating unless I'm seriously dehydrated
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    Anyone one tried synthol?

    Every person ive seen try it looked terrible.
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    Beastdro cyclel feeling a little sick??

    I would only take 1 liver support at any given time.
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    1st time Recomp advice?

    No you dont NEED a serm. Can you use one absolutely, but in no shape or form do you have to have one if you have lined out a complete pct that covers all bases. Ive done so myself, and if my laptop wasnt in the scrap heap you would be staring at bloods that completely verify my statements.
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    Recommended doses for CJC1295 and Ipamorelin

    Depends on how you react to it some people get tired from cjc. I know I do. So I do it multiple times per day away from my time at the gym. Simply because it interfered with my training.
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    T3 And Clen HELP

    Your advice of getting checked is excellent, but there is research indicating that people who have been on misdiagnosed thyroid replacement for even 30 years have full recovery of there natural production.
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    how to store un mixed HCG?

    Mines in my fridge. No reason to risk it further.
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