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  1. Beastly

    What happened to Robolics?

    Me too...still use them, no issues. It's why I don't post here or any other board anymore...the forum mods and board owners are bigger scammers than the companies selling stuff.
  2. Beastly

    Taking Self prescribed TRT pin on airplane...

    What's the rule for this? It's self prescribed, I am gone for a week, starting Wednesday, just took pin this morning. Taking a TRT dose of test once every 5 days. It appears from what I read that taking this on a plane shouldn't be an issue, I was going to load the pin with the dose and put it...
  3. Beastly

    Buying Powdered Caffeine in the U.S. ?

    I'd highly recommend you get that root filled tooth out...all those do is cause issues
  4. Beastly

    AnabolShop shady all of a sudden.

    Hmm...interesting things happening on these boards lately, isn't it?
  5. Beastly

    mammary gland removal surgery to get rid of bitch tits

    How does Aromasin interfere with muscle growth? It increases IGF-1 by 28%, decreases SHBG by 30% and keeps Estradiol in range. No offense, but if you are running 750 mg of Test a week and not running an AI, you are an idiot. It is completely irrelevant whether you have gyno or not, at that...
  6. Beastly

    Low T symptoms for men over 40yrl. 300mg per week of Testosterone Cypionate as TRT.

    Dude, 300 mg a week is a cycle not TRT. You need aromasin. Get your shit together man. This isn't something to be so cavalier about. You needed to have all this stuff figured out before you start. This is the one thing that drives me crazy is people who have such a cavalier attitude...
  7. Beastly

    MK 667 The only item with no threads... Questions comments concerns

    The reason MK 667 doesn't have any threads is because the compound is actually named MK 677, lol!
  8. Beastly

    Can i get some help here ? Nothing but bashing so far

    I would start taking the following: CoQ10(preferably in Ubiquinol form) Cinnamon(1/4 teaspoon twice a day) Garlic(Odorless Tablets) Cardamom Extract(1 teaspoon per day) All of these will help lower your LDL and Triglycerides while boosting your HDL - - - Updated - - - You definitely should...
  9. Beastly

    ED problems...need some guidance...

    Well, I don't see how it could be high estrogen as I was only taking 75 mg of Test every 5 days along with Mast which reduces aromatization, and Aromasin on top of that...
  10. Beastly

    MK 667 The only item with no threads... Questions comments concerns

    I have been running 17.5 mg a day for the past almost 2 months...I like it a lot, seemed to gain some thickness and lost some bodyfat with it...skyrockets IGF-1 levels which will help get rid of hard to reach fat deposits on the body...
  11. Beastly

    ED problems...need some guidance...

    I just pinned 150 mg Test E by itself tonight and stopped the SARMS temporarily til I establish a baseline again... I have been taking 12.5 mg of Aromasin every 3-4 days. Definitely don't have estrogen issues because it causes me to get rapid heartrates and high blood pressure---I literally...
  12. Beastly

    ED problems...need some guidance...

    Well, I was running T at 150mg every 5 days for a long time and never had these issues, then I split the dose between Test and Masteron after reading some of the people saying this worked well for them. Initially it was amazing, felt a big libido surge and was staying hard even after...
  13. Beastly

    ED problems...need some guidance...

    Been having some issues for the past few weeks or so with ED and I'm pretty sure it's related to what I'm using at the moment...I can get hard but then quickly lose it during sex and can't get it back up. Currently using 80 mg of Mast E and 75 mg of Test E every 5 days along with 17.5 mg of MK...
  14. Beastly

    China creates diesel dogs by chemically destroying Myostatin gene in embryos..

    A couple of interesting studies. In the first, researchers have found that a flavonoid found in cacao(dark chocolate) called (-)-epicatechin reduces myostatin by increasing follistatin levels. Apparently its been studied in humans and found to have an effect as after 7 days they increased...
  15. Beastly

    China creates diesel dogs by chemically destroying Myostatin gene in embryos..

    Well apparently one known side effect scientists found was that it makes tendons small and very brittle. Apparently myostatin helps tendons to develop properly, making them larger and more flexible. Without myostatin muscles overdevelop and tendons underdevelop. Another way of stating it is...
  16. Beastly

    China creates diesel dogs by chemically destroying Myostatin gene in embryos..

    Chinese scientists have figured out how to chemically destroy the Myostatin genes in dogs to make them much more muscular and faster for use in hunting and policework. Apparently the Whippet, a type of dog, has this mutation occur naturally and the scientists figured out how to chemically...
  17. Beastly

    Just got my SKULPT! First set of Results are in!

    You buy the unit, which is $149... technology was designed to use to check how much muscle patients with degenerative neuromuscluar conditions, such as MS and ALS, etc have.. The person who developed it then saw its application for people who want more accurate readings for bodyfat and muscle...
  18. Beastly

    Wife busted me for AAS & SARMS. What next?

    Morals are subjective based on your conditioning and upbringing. What one society considers "moral" another one might not. What is considered "moral" in one era is considered immoral in another. Perhaps the bigger problem is the emasculating of men and having feminist BS shoved down...
  19. Beastly

    Cycle that won't shut me down so Bad ?

    Dude if you are 46 there is a good chance you should be on TRT anyway. - - - Updated - - - if there were 500 2 years ago there is a good chance they are well into the 400's now. Even at 500, its meh. You would definitely notice fat loss and libido benefits from TRT. Especially if you are...
  20. Beastly

    Boys do you get flu shots?

    Fuck no. Take Sambucol Elderberry Extract during flu season and you won't get shit. Prevents viruses from being able to replicate. Vitamin D also is important. The reason flu season occurs during the winter is because its the time of year the least amount of sunlight occurs. Low...
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