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    How to run orals

    as long as you are at least 20 years old, you CAN take steroids but thats entirely your call. as for orals, rule of thumb is to not stack orals due to increasing liver toxicity. the best beginner oral imo is dianabol but its hard on the kidneys and liver and raises estrogen quite a damn bit so...
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    best drugs/supplements strictly for strength

    test on top of tren/anadrol/halo would seem to be #1 imo for strength id rate 1a. anadrol 1b. tren ace 2. halotestin honestly little difference between anadrol and tren ace for strength. anadrol harder on liver whereas tren ace is harder on kidneys. tren raises prolactin and lowers...
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    liquid arimidex

    anybody know of a decent source for this? let me know if we arent supposed to discuss sources. thanks.
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    tren and mental sides

    are the worst mental sides from tren due to the increase in prolactin? is vitamin e remotely effective at reducing prolactin? or do you have to use caber? caber makes me extremely jittery.
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    is test sust more estrogenic than the other forms of test?

    is there anything to this?
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    oral tren (methyltrienolone)

    thank you all for your responses. this was just a new drug i was looking into possibly using. im getting blood work this week.
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    oral tren (methyltrienolone)

    ok so the dosing on this is around 500-750 mcg per day but can be taken as low as 250 mcg per day. i tend to only use orals as preworkouts and not on a daily basis. so heres the question. just how liver toxic is this drug and is it as effective as IM tren in terms of the strength boost? thanks.
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    tren and prolactin

    thank you!
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    really bad heartburn tren

    tren is a drug that imo should only be used for people that compete and then only used when heading into a competition then once the comp is done you cut it cold turkey. this drug lowers serotonin over time, CAN lower your thyroid function, is VERY hard on the kidneys. it also raises prolactin...
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    How long does it take for Sustanon to kick in?

    sustanon is a mix of 4 esters. half lifes are as follows: propionate = 4.5 days, phenylpropionate = 4.5 days, decanoate = 15 days and isocaproate = 9 days. honestly you should feel it within a week or two. i wouldnt run EQ if this is your first go at this. a good dose of test imo is 400 mg...
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    more is not better

    i think some people fall into the trap with steroids that somehow more drugs at higher doses = bigger and stronger. that is honestly bullshit. i can tell you from my experience all that happens when you take more is the side effects become more pronounced and the benefits become more and more...
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    You say this is your 3rd cycle. What were your first and second cycles? I truly try to tell people to stay away from the androgens (tren, anadrol, halo, mibolerone) unless you compete. They have harsh sides even with short term use and require many drugs/supplements to counter their sides...
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    tren and prolactin

    So its well known to not run tren longer than 12-16 weeks and i wont be making that mistake ever again. However, when running tren, is it pretty much mandatory to run caber while on? I run into serious mood issues and i know this is strongly connected to prolactin being elevated. I know some...
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    friend wont listen about steroid abuse

    no point in taking steroids before the age of 20 obviously. its his life but he might want to run some test with that dbol or he wont have any test. not smart in many ways.
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    cardarine GW dosage

    5 mg twice a day up to 10 mg twice a day. i wish i could find a decent source for it. my last source i swear had it laced with clen lol.
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    critique my cycle Test cyp and EQ

    id run 400 mg test C with 400 mg EQ. 2 shots per week at 200 mgs a piece. you can mix them and shoot it in the glutes.
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    sore elbows and joints

    easiest solution is to cut the winstrol. many have this problem with that drug which is why its one of the few things ive never taken lol.
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    How often to inject?

    400 test is good for a first cycle. i dont find EQ necessary for a first cycle. id do test cypionate or enanthate or sustanon 200 mg 2x per week. add in EQ perhaps on your second cycle.
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    Anyone with Tren-E experience.

    i never recommend enanthate when it comes to tren. always go acetate imo. the reason for this is that ace has about a 3 day half life. enanthate has about a 10.5 day half life. so the problem becomes if you cant endure the sides, at least with ace its flushed out of the body 3.5 times...
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    i'm in trouble, blood pressure

    a normal BP is <120/<80. >180/>120 is what they refer to as hypertensive urgency. if there is also target organ damage associated with that high of a BP, they refer to it as hypertensive emergency. I find it hard to believe that your BP would get that high from steroids alone unless you were...
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