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  1. ritchie

    Tiredness and mood enhance

    3gr of tyrosine gives a nice dopamine boost, is super cheap to use and works every time. Enjoy! But no idea if you're overtraining from what you described.
  2. ritchie

    Low testosterone after two months

    You serious asking that? Do you have all your steroids tested before using them? Who does this and how much does it cost? But 2 months post pussy cat cycle and living this is just odd. Why do people think taking a shot of test once or twice a week is such a HORRIBLE thing? Diabetics have to pin...
  3. ritchie

    ec stack

    l tyrosine will give it a nice extra kick! or add some yohimbe
  4. ritchie

    my BF %..need expert comments

    Not maybe...
  5. ritchie

    Took winstrol as 18 years old, half-way through - should i stop?

    Read my post again buddy and believe what I say here. Ya don't need anything, just relax all will be fine. A test booster is useless here too, I doubt you were even shut down, if possible, then nothing your body can't recover from in a very short time. is HCgenerate $159 for real? - - -...
  6. ritchie

    spot injections over time will affect bicep growth rate

    it's very tempting but the pain is crippling and makes me very weak.
  7. ritchie

    can I use veet to remove chest hair

    but what if one day you want a massive bush and ya lazered al them pubic hairs away? Or keep the tazed pubes and make a "pube wig" in case you ever need, haha...
  8. ritchie

    can I use veet to remove chest hair

    Get a philips bodygroom. I shave my balls, asshole, taint, legs, chest, back and even face with it (says not to do face) but works. Blades are stupid expensive now. It comes with an attachement to get the back hairs too, works very well. I even shaved my head with it. Careful with that "neet"...
  9. ritchie

    how many oral steroid cycles per year can you do

    6 on 6 off could work. COULD is the key word and if you're gonna be consistent with orals, perhaps invest into some bloodwork to see how your numbers are. The old timers used ShIT LOADS of them for long periods, the whole toxic issue in regards to orals so VASTLY overrated. They give anadrol to...
  10. ritchie

    Took winstrol as 18 years old, half-way through - should i stop?

    Ya don't need a pct, liver guard or none of that shit. Just stop the stuff, you will be fine. - - - Updated - - - especially with the 30mg (girl dose) ya ran, lol, you're fine, don't let this freak you out...
  11. ritchie

    Need help keeping muscle on diet

    test aromasin clen don't go too low in cals, it's good for one thing. To mess up your metabolism.
  12. ritchie

    How often to inject NPP?

    eod, can get away with 3 shots however.
  13. ritchie

    Dbol/proviron = bullshit

    this just means you can use more gear as you need the extra estrogen anyway. Sometimes things just work out for themselves!
  14. ritchie

    My cycle - need opinions

    everything but your test is too low. Double the planned doses of orals. Telling ya, that won't do a whole hell of a lot. 12 weeks of orals is pushing it. Do 4 on, 4 off, then finish with another 4. Start with the anadrol, but use 100mg/day 4 weeks off, finish with turinabol if you still want...
  15. ritchie

    best anabolic steroids for recomp cycle 2016

    Nice cycle, good doses of everything without going too crazy. If equipoise did not cause anxiety, I'd be shooting that shit up for sure!
  16. ritchie

    quest bar taste change

    I used to eat 2-4 of them when they first came out per day. They sold it I think? Anyway, I'M never trusting a bar company again. Can make them rather easily with oats, protein powder, coco, splenda...
  17. ritchie

    your favorite whey protein brand 2016

    I like Kaizen iso, get it at costco on sale for $40, 4.5lbs. Favorite taste is chocolate ON but they can eat shit with their regular asking price.
  18. ritchie

    First time for gear..Can I get as much out of orals

    no reason, NONE why you can't be at least 200lbs natty before doing cycle.
  19. ritchie

    5 grams of L-glutamine after a workout

    Wow, such inside hardcore info, my mind is blown.
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