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  1. Tadeas

    My favorite sources part II

    You're approved man :) if you have problems email me [email protected]
  2. Tadeas

    Roidmass coupon?

    Steve has coupons or you can email me for a discount coupon direct @ [email protected]
  3. Tadeas

    RoidMass Tho

    Thanks for the support man :)
  4. Tadeas

    Sources other than Roidmass?

    You don't like me man? :) what can I do to change your mind? check my reviews Blood work on my products:
  5. Tadeas


    Thank you for the feedback and support. :)
  6. Tadeas

    First RoidMass order

    hey man, glad to hear you're happy. :) I actually pack the way I do because I have a special shipping channel that's not checked. :) Steve can confirm I deliver in 10-12 biz days which is hard to even do domestic with all the delays. That's my special way so no hiding needed. It's safer for...
  7. Tadeas


    Looks great :) thanks for support
  8. Tadeas

    products roidmass

    You saying I wrote this, you kidding me? really? I don't know you, but you need to back off man. Here is just some of my reviews. Blood work on my products:
  9. Tadeas

    RoidMass Tho

    Thanks for the support man :)
  10. Tadeas

    RM always keeping me happy

    Thanks for the support man :) If anyone has questions feel free to email me @ [email protected]
  11. Tadeas

    RoidMass Props

    Thanks for the support man :)
  12. Tadeas


    You should contact the moderators.
  13. Tadeas

    Aussie VIP vote

    Harry +1 :)
  14. Tadeas

    email me directly man [email protected]

    email me directly man [email protected]
  15. Tadeas

    Totally befuddled

    Check my reviews man Blood work on my products:
  16. Tadeas

    deca and test for cruising

    2 sides to the story, but I always suggest a full PCT not cruising to clients.
  17. Tadeas

    RoidMass as a viable source?

    I'm good to go, if you have questions email me [email protected]
  18. Tadeas

    Antibiotics Source

    I have antibiotics right from pharmacy. Email me [email protected]
  19. Tadeas

    Proviron as an anti aromatase

    I suggest aromasin instead of proviron as an anti-estrogen.
  20. Tadeas

    Transformation Log

    What a great transformation log! MzJ you are making great progress.
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