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  1. zaccass1

    Approved Log Why fasting helps you live longer, helps build more muscle. and my prolong fast LOG

    I think Steve is out fishing he asked me to post this study
  2. zaccass1

    Monstro has passed?

    Well said
  3. zaccass1

    Any good ance products

    Sulfur soap
  4. zaccass1

    Veteran Thread Steve's bone broth recipe

    I made some one time.I got some beef bones full of morrow from a local family owned meat processing farm. Really good but very time consuming.
  5. zaccass1


    I agree totally I’ve been working the little muscles for years.Also was doing yoga before things started happening and was getting back my lost mobility and flexibility.Thinking about trying Tai Chi.
  6. zaccass1


    Degenerative disk and hips.
  7. zaccass1


  8. zaccass1


    The last year and a half has been full of trials with injuries and health issues.Been trying to be consistent with morning fasting cardio and easing back into lifting.Getting old sucks.
  9. zaccass1


    Thanks Dylan
  10. zaccass1


    Does anyone have experience with npp for joint pain
  11. zaccass1

    Anavar, winstrol with testosterone

    Choose one your liver will thank you for it
  12. zaccass1

    1-testosterone cypionate Dhb

    Thanks Dylan
  13. zaccass1

    1-testosterone cypionate Dhb

    What are you guys opinions on this?
  14. zaccass1

    Dangerous S23 advice being passed around by Monstro...

    I’m never going to fault anyone for looking out for someones best interests.We need to have a responsibility to the new people who come here and help them to make responsible choices.
  15. zaccass1

    Video Dylan Gemelli Podcast with special guest The Anabolic Doc, Doctor Thomas O'Connor

    Nicely done Dylan he is a wealth of information. I joined the app and sent a question to the mailbag and he answered it and talked with him on zoom as well.
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