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    Want too hear about people's results with SUSTANON cycles ????

    ^^^^^ same for me... I've run it pinning 2 times/week, and also more frequently. I felt much better with more frequent pins. I could literally feel the peaks and valleys as the shorts came in to play and then faded with the 2/week pins. It's no big deal on a cruise-but on a blast the more...
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    Best steroids with less side-effects?

    Agreed on the first three sentences...after that, well... The term VERY hard on your liver is a VERY relative term...but sticking to answering the OP's question: In comparison-NO, anavar and tbol are NOT very hard on the liver. Running those up against abombs, superdrol, and halotestin sides...
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    Pure mass/bulk cycle

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    depo testosterone bodybuilding dosage?

    ^^^^^^^lmao...that's good shit, iwgf!!!
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    test enan and dbol

    Aromasin...12.5mg eod should be fine. If you really bloat up, go to 25 eod.
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    test enan and dbol

    Someone else already said it... Go with test only this cycle. Next one add in the dbol with the test. Superdrol...probably the most powerful oral ever made.its fucking amazing. But its toxic as shit. Sides from hell. Stay away, especially considering you haven't run and experienced dbol.
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    test enan and dbol

    Yes...and no. You can bulk or cut on any steroid, its diet dependent. Anavar best used for cutting cycle-thats broscience. Depends on diet and drug combination. Certain combos more conducive to fat lipolysis. Other combos with Var are excellent for bulking because of their synergy.It's a very...
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    My first simple cycle. Thoughts?

    12.5 aromasin EOD should be fine. I'm a hyper-responder to test and run that same dosage regardless of ester. Then bump up from there based on symptoms or bloods. Matter fact, its easiest, or it should be, to control E on short esters as plasma levels are more constant. Again, I say "should be"...
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    My first simple cycle. Thoughts?

    Personally, I'm not a fan at all of static dosages on cycles over 6 weeks. Typical stall out happens at the 6-8 week mark. Anything after that is a waste of juice and only increases risk/return factor. The lower the dosage you can start from and get returns from, the better. I like to leg into...
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    testosterone injection sites

    Try ventrogluteal'll never go back to glutes. Easy access.Deep, soft, and can hold all the oil you need.
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    Pre-Cycle / TRT (maybe) lab results

    How long ago did you run Sarms?
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    Short Man Trying to Cut body fat and keep gains at same time.

    ^^^^^ LOL , that's funny .... sorry ....lmao
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    What to Do for Eq Hematocrit Problem?

    simply saying that its not normal because it hasn't happened to you, doesn't make it not normal. and stepping out and telling someone they have a heart condition without having more info than what's been offered on this thread - well, that's just plain scary, bro. "possible" indications of a...
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    Respecting other opinions...

    I totally agree with you, my man...I do. But...we are speaking "generally"... I don't think you are understanding the basis for this whole thread...its based on the fact that someone said something negative about a specific topic, and his thread/post was deleted. Let's be wasn't...
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    Respecting other opinions...

    OK...I'll go with what you're saying based on that's the way "you feel"... And the way " things should be" in an open arena made for that type of discussion and reasoning. I agree with you based on that. But I will still disagree with you when it is based on "negatives"... Being, anything...
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    Respecting other opinions...

    You do i. And you saying that is great...BUUUT.. also bet you aren't the one that deleted his post. Are you?
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    Respecting other opinions...

    I would agree...except in the case where what you gave to say could possibly undermine the agenda of the "powers that be"... Of which...even though I have no clue the original topic 2 knives is speaking of, I would suspect is the case
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    ifbb pro needs advice on a craxy extreme cycle

    ^^^^^^^ i like your post, sir...someone with something to actually add other than the typical "this is bad for you" and/or some other amateur ass bandwagon bullshit. Thank you
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    ifbb pro needs advice on a craxy extreme cycle

    ^^^^^^ I thought this myself, lol... My real question was, " and he's sending you here to ask that" !?!
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    ifbb pro needs advice on a craxy extreme cycle

    I don't think there is anyone on this forum, based on experience and their own previous input, qualified to answer that question. I know overall speaking, I am not. I will say this, though...that much long estered is going to cause a problem. Without even touching on the AI issue...simply...
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