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    Any updates on Folli and/or ACE 031 Results?

    Foli is to new give it a few generations, and it takes a long ass time to make and price is super high. Odds of getting the legit stuff are slim and if purity isn't high enough you get sick as ship dontvwaste money
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    Would you have a problem with this at your gym?

    That's just trashy seriously, that is low class low rent. I'm sure no one would mind having a Victoria Secret model watch while they shower after a good pump, but I'm willing to bet this "custodian" is less than appealing. And I could only imagine how my wife would feel. If every action has a...
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    IGF DES, CJC GHRP PEG MGF, too much at once ?

    3 hr window bro, ghrh/ghrp morning and night, igf at least 1 hr window before mgf. Igf DES has a very short half life and needs to be taken after training as when you take mgf so take lr3 before training if you want igf then the pegmgf after, the tricky thing isn't timing the gear it's timing...
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    Good joint supplement

    Cissus from orbit, 100 servings for$ 25. Get a good anti flam, I use celebrex or mobic, it does insane wonders, cissus needs to be taken 2 day for 6 wks to start feeling true results, Triflex is a cover all from GNC that I feel after just a 2 day load period. And awesome joint support is ghrh/ghrp
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    Good joint supplement

    Triflex and cissus quadrangularis
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    What do you prefer to run with tren?

    EQ AND PROP And on the sex drive get some hcg to jump start the gonad process, go to GNC asap and get bulgarian tribulus, $20 for 3 months worth and order some cialis w the hcg, andjust tell your chuck what's up. Shed rather know the truth then think ssmethings wrong w her or you,and if she...
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    Competing in a Natural Bodybuilding Show - Please Read..

    if your doing a natty comp dont mess around my buddy just did one here in hawaii and prepping for another and knows guys that got cut for using ph thinking theyd be ok, they ask open questions in the polygraph and you dont want to have an inconclusive yes or no answer and flush all your work...
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    Competing in a Natural Bodybuilding Show - Please Read..

    ² Designer steroids that were/are being legally sold over-the-counter as supplements that became banned with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) effective January 1, 2006 and subsequently became banned substances with OCB/NANBF/IFPA effective that date as well. Cannot be used after December 31...
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    Bodybuilding... Powerlifting... What got you started??

    I began my military career in 2000 working search and rescue, some friends were selected to go into specialized training to work as hrt / srt, counter narcotics and hostage rescue. I told my team chief I wanted to do that and he laughed and told me to gain 50 lbs first and he'd put me up for...
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    How/Where do you dispose of your sharps and/or sharps containers?

    BUMP. i throw mine in a old hard plastic container and when its time to go out ducktape it good and throw it in the dumpster. picked up by the trashman and straight to the landfill. you ****ing around there with a taped up container and you get stuck thats your own fault. just use common...
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    Peptide Discussion!

    i got 2 bottles from EP, was uch darker after the first, been using the other to maintain for over 7 wks now great stuff
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    How often cycle off stims?

    it depends on your receptors and the dose and goals you've set for yourself. alot of guys abuse stims and once their receptors are shot just up the dose. what exactly are you taking now? also alot of stims on the market are more appetite surprrssors than anything which is terrible for you if...
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    Peptide Discussion!

    I've got a good Q, and opinions welcome, the meat on my legs is not nearly as hard or thick as my upper body, playing catch up now to injuries, I'm wondering if my 1/2" slin pin gets deep enough, and how long before any igflr3 users saw results? thanks
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    Peptide Discussion!

    I've been researching this for a hot minute bro, I'm going to post up my mgf cycle in the next few days, just waiting for a few more ppl to reply to my pm's. you can google it and find every retards opinion on the net but I'm going to go off what a few vets did themselves w results.
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    Peptide Discussion!

    that's awesome stuff bro, you know what I'm truelly interested in, k here we go So PH and AAS make you stronger, not to many focus on tendon or ligiment strengthening. so for those of us that use the above and lift excessive weight that causes joint damage is a failing process, this is why...
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    Peptide Discussion!

    yeah bro, after my knee injections, my knee hurt to the point I could not walk even after a 40mg oxycotin
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    Shoulder Pain and Dips

    if it hurts stop doing it. it's that simple bro. give it 6-8 wks then try again, and start in assistance machine. there are endless variations of tricep routines, never do the same one twice and if it hurts take time off, your body is smarter than you are and it's trying to tell you...
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    Injectable Vitamin B12

    just wanted to chime in, so there are various tests out there that will tell you exactly what vitamins your body is lacking, if your lacking b12 in injectable can do wonders if not, not much. chemical makeups are different in everyone so it's case by case, the test is in the thousands but one...
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    Peptide Discussion!

    read above posts bro, you can also do your own research on google, ve been very surprised the past few wks on all the great info out there on peptides, just type the specific keywords in your question and look for medical publications. saturation dose for cjc and ghrp unless your over 200lbs is...
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