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    Global it good..?

    To me it is GTG Im using Trestalone Acetate right now with great results.Depends on who you get it from.Good Luck as always.
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    Testosterone Cypionate Price ?

    My test prescription is covered by my insurance.Its only $3.00 a 10ml bottle.Try running it through your insurance but you might have to call them directly to explain why you need it I did.
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    Newbie, needed first post to keep moving

    Welcome to evo.Thats huge difference hats off to you.
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    synthol use for bicep peak development

    It is helpful for lagging body parts.But yes it is very painful your arm will hurt like crap for 3or4 days.But it does work I have used with my doctor monitoring and my wife is a nurse.But try everything else before you go that route.
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    If you buy online buy small.Dont put in big orders or you might get scammed.I always order small.Check the approved soucres section.
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    Yup you sure are getting taken.But that is the usual price from the street.
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    source reviews

    I often wonder myself.Im assuming monthly maybe.:confused:
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    is taking creatine while on a steroid cycle safe?

    Adding creatine will be fine as long as you dont do more than 10 mg daily.I have been taking it over a year while on AAS.
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    Domestic Package Issue

    I would contact who you bought your gear from and send them a picture of the letter.Hopefully they will resend you your stuff.
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    synthol ingredients the spot injection oil?

    I agree with the posts above stay away from it.:(Unless you try everthing known to man training,years of experience,diet.As for me Ive tried it it is painful as hell when it is injected into the muscle.It will stay sore for 3-5 days.It does work to stretch the fasica.But you cant over due it.Use...
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    Best Recovery Supplement???

    I take protein post workout with glutamine and creatine.your body uses all of its reserves while lifting so its good to replenish those to help recover the muscle tissue that is being broke down or stressed.
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    cottage cheese bodybuilding food

    I add cottage cheese to my daily intake of protein it is 80% casein and 20% whey which is good enough for me.Plus Im in the bulking stage so fats and carbs is good for me.I add fruit to mine as well.
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    looking for a reliable source.

    Check the source reveiws and make sure to do your homework.
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    Bulking Cycle (DBOL + Equipoise Boldenone + TEST)

    For my bulking cycle I run Test cyp And DECA a minimum of 13 weeks with dbol at 6 weeks.My stats is 35 years old 6' tall current weight is 208lbs with biceps over 18". Trying to be 225lbs by June.Try your cycle and do what works best.
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    Any experience with steroids-usa? First timer

    looks expensive bro.I would do a lot of research on websites before I ordered.
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    101fitnesspharma SCAM

    Brand Noble labs at 600mg every week Thanks
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    101fitnesspharma SCAM

    I got the bloods back and can show the paper work.My testosterone level is 2157 and my free testosterone level was 824. As for as them scamming people I'm not sure what happens.But all I can say is the products I got from 101 is gtg for me till I get scammed I guess.
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    Test, deca, Dbol...2nd cycle(winter bulk)

    Sorry dx3142 I didnt control the water retention.I take creatine,glutamine on top of all that.I like the the bloated look it really fills me out and helps with my joints from being dry.Hcg is used for pct to help boost your natural testosterone.Hope this helps.
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    Test, deca, Dbol...2nd cycle(winter bulk)

    I run 25mg of aeromasin 1-13 weeks due to being gyno prone.My cycle is 600mg of test cyp. 1-13 weeks,300mg of deca 1-13 weeks.D-bol 25mg 1-6 weeks.But i am on trt therapy so I low dose 2 months after a cycle.For you dx3142 I would run deca to 13 weeks and d-bol 1-6 weeks to give your liver a...
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    New Scam Alert

    Sorry to hear that bro.I always order small amounts in case I get scammed.That way Im not out much if they get me.
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