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    Cycle Thoughts? - Test / Superdrol / Deca / HGH cycle

    Thank you everyone for the replies, I really appreciate the advice I'll start up a log So what I'm thinking is replace the Superdrol with Tbol. 12 week Cycle: Test E - 300mg 2x / week Superdrol - 20mg / day (10mg AM / 10mg PM) - weeks 1-4 only Tbol - 40mg / day Deca - 200mg 2x / week HGH -...
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    Cycle Thoughts? - Test / Superdrol / Deca / HGH cycle

    Hey guys, Long time lurker of the forums. I'm interested in starting a Test / Superdrol / Deca / HGH cycle and would love people's opinions / advice. I saw TwistingMelon ran the cycle back in 2015 but haven't seen too much information regarding that exact cycle since (or I'm not looking in...
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