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    That's an honest feedback bro, but honestly this Oralz Gainz thing sounds like a 15 yo drug dealer. Try a more professional name...
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    One stop shop health supps/protein powders

    Bulknutrients are solid
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    Nexnos Pharma anavar. Has anyone used recently?

    Honestly all Nexnos I received from Ozpharm are legit. haven't tried Nexnos Var though. But they would def be my go to when I need one.
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    Stack Reviews

    You can't go wrong with Test Primo and Var. But why Test P and pinning every other day? Test E once or 2x a week is fine. No need for Propinate. You also want Test Primo 2:1 because Estrogen can drop too low if you do 1:1. Stanzolol is only good pre contest to dry out. it doesn't "Burn" fat...
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    Trusted Hybrid Labs - reviews and feedback

    Friendly, fast and Legendary.
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    Ozpharm updated contact

    Welcome back brother.
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    Asf …… blizzard is a scammer

    I wonder how many people stopped reading past 3rd line? Or is it just me?
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    Trusted Hybrid Labs - reviews and feedback

    You have Slin my dear brother?
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    Slin Novorapid source?

    Who sells Insulin or Novorapid? I see Ausmeds sell it, are they good to go? Or there are more trusted sources?
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    Raloxafine source?

    Man that's terrible. They will do this every single time I heard about these stories
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    Raloxafine source?

    What are the legal consequences if it got bust at customs? Just confiscate it and never go after you?
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    Got an email form

    Cops don't give a fk nor have resources to go after 100000s of drug users. They build injection cubicles to them now, why not wait for them there and arrest them? They barely have resources to go after really big sharks importing dangerous drugs.
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    It is because it is easier to buy off a website than finding a reliable source on wickr. Your average joe wouldn't jump through all these hoops. So they will never run out of scam business.
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    Lol 2 weeks? Your only hope if they arrive in 2 months. And yes I used them since 2019 too so I still have slight hope. I will keep you guys posted.
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    I made an order 6th october and got the "tracking not scanned, will repost tomorrow" bs. My guess he has huge backlog of orders and I am hopeful I get my order no matter how late cause I don't wanna lose my money. Any bro got his order like 2-3 months later?
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    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 84

    So I should go make irrelevant posts first so people believe me? Why would I need to do that? I say my opinion about sources and people have brains to use it. No need for tricks that scammers already do. I mean if you believe someone solely because he has posts history I'd feel sorry for you.
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    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 84

    So I have to go to other threads to make irrelevant posts to appear credible? Isn't that what scammers do? Would that make people happy and believe me?
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    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 84

    Yes I understand, but this thread is called "Source talk", so what should I talk about first :D ?
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    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 84

    Yes this is my first post. It is in a thread called "source discussion". Do you suggest better first post?
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