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    AUSJUICE - Platinum Anabolics - 2023 How to order

    lmao a bit late dere mate
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    lol was fking obvious from day 1, hilarious shit how many times people fall for the same scam over and over when UGLOZ were proven to be the actual owners and the scammers just stole the site domain etc. Literally free money by the truckload into their pockets and much more to come with how...
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    lmao and all the brainless sheep's there parroting and ass licking whatever shit the owners of the forums excrete out with their PR bs with regards to having "Best forum in AUS!" "Million sponsors lineing up to get a position on the forum!" lolol and their 'pay for VIP' system.
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    Obviously same crew as AUspharmacy lmao
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    Auspharmacy still GTG?

    101% fishy Idiots that buy now have only themselves to blame when their moneys gone
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    Genesis Pharmaceuticals (Aus domestic)

    Looks like old Prime resell list
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    Rubbish supplement that shouldn't cost more than $10 a bottle
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    Genesis Labs your trusted source open 24/7

    Hey bro what happened with ASF?
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    Genesis Labs list thanks Evo

    Including Tribulus
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    Anavar experiences

    Kaos var and dnp were sublime Good times
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    Genesis Labs list thanks Evo

    Absolute legend
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    It ain't a closed secret, it ain't a meme. At least he doesn't hide stuff, if people wanna purchase, they purchase.
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    Has anyone ordered from OZShop recently?

    lmao "OFFICIALLY" Okay
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    Nexnos anavar 20mg possibly fake

    lmao M1t as filler gg liver
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    Ausjuice Test E - 2 days in the hospital

    Lmao so much bullshit is spouted here with 0 accountability, can literally make up any bullshit half realistic sounding story about any lab without repercussions whatsoever, or be like Tigar calling Maverick a pedophile and other nonsense
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    Nexnos pharma

    lmao at all this 'dont wanna call out sources' bs just because you are scared of repercussions of getting blacklisted or a mountain of minions flaming you afterwards. Everyone can't wait to post positive reviews and lick ass in hopes of getting better deals/perks later on from labs but are...
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