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  1. J

    First Cycle Advice

    "Legit" being...
  2. J

    Beginner Who Needs Cutting Help

    old post but... Way to many things at once. You're stepping over yourself and wasting money. You're not going to get a compounded effect from all those products at once. You also didn't mention how you diet looked. More details please. JK
  3. J

    ENTER: GK ProHormones

    Have you started yet? Are you logging it? Let us know! I have a particular interest in Oxandrovar myself. :) JK
  4. J

    IGF1 LR3 w/ a slew of myodyne supplements

    Since you're going sub-Q for the LR3 are you picking any specific spots or just moving it around? I liked your original DAT review, but his instructions were IM. The only reason LR3 is eventually systemic is because of half life, which means it's swept out of the tissue by normal lymphatic...
  5. J

    IGF1 LR3 w/ a slew of myodyne supplements

    stupid thing freaked out when I went to post this before Oh well. To quote myself: "Excellente!" That is all. JK
  6. J

    IGF1 LR3 w/ a slew of myodyne supplements

    You didn't state where your pinning when you do. Do we assume it's the locations you work that day? JK
  7. J

    Follistatin from GtgChem

    Long term usage of myostatin inhibition on your heart isn't a good thing, which is why you don't do long cycles. As for timing, since it's a very unique item, non hormonal, I think it would be very flexible in it's usage. But, I will leave that to someone else (Star) to answer. :D JK
  8. J

    Follistatin from GtgChem

    Read Star's run that he logged. It seems you want to do alot of small cycles rather than a pro longed one. JK
  9. J

    MK-677 vs. GHRP-6/2...

    They both work, but I wouldn't personally use 2 or 6. Ipamorelin is a 3rd gen GHRH peptide so that's what I've used along with CJC-1295 w/o DAC. Multiple times a day is because the raw peptide itself has a very short half life, which is why people use the CJC-1295 w/DAC. That extends the...
  10. J

    MK-677 vs. GHRP-6/2...

    Differences first: MK-677 is not a peptide, GHRP's are (easy one, eh?) MK-677 is oral, GHRP's are not (well, sure they are but not bio-available in this method) GHRPS have varying affects on ACTH, prolactin, cortisol and GH. MK-667 seems to have less, to no effect here, except GH. Dosing for...
  11. J

    MK-677 vs. GHRP-6/2...

    They provide different effects by different methods. What are you goals and what kind of time frame are you looking at? GHRPs are slower (on average) in action but consistent. JK
  12. J

    Russianstar: experiences with Follistatin.

    So would you start at 25mcg everyday end up at 150, or do 3x50 from the get go? What 3 sites you choose? Did you rotate right/left? I see you had a break about day ... 5? I don't remember. Would you do a break if it was your first time, like some of us would be doing? lates mang! JK
  13. J

    Russianstar : Follistatin log (the new improved folli)

    Where you at, RS??? How was your weekend?
  14. J

    GW ideas - Hmmmm...

    OK, I'm going to start running GW with Need2Slin and N2Burn along with Tribulus for COX-2 inhibition, which I see is necessary for GW. Possibly the GW I got from Great White was run at too low a dose, and I didn't feel anything. Other people seem to love it on other boards, but when the...
  15. J

    Has anyone seen this peptide?

    So it's not a peptide, but a peptide blend. A soup of peptididic (yes, I made that up) goodness. Just like what supplement companies tend to do, proprietary blends with unknown amounts of each ingredient, probably guarantees not enough to do anything. the GHRP-6 and Ipamorelin will compete for...
  16. J

    GW ideas - Hmmmm...

    I have a few questions for anyone willing to answer. :) Tell me what you think, and why. 1. Everyone seems to run GW for about 4 weeks @ 20mg/day for optimal results. Anyone tried splitting this? Say 2 on 1 off for 8 weeks (3 x 2 weeks, + 2 off weeks)? Anyone see a point to that? Is cycle...
  17. J

    The wait is OVER! Sarmsearch GW is finally here!

    addendum You guys adding anything else with it? I see Need2Slin is on discount... Wondering about using them together. Hmmm... JK
  18. J

    TRH - Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone

    ah yeah! Explain. Let's get a discussion goin! :20: JK
  19. J

    The wait is OVER! Sarmsearch GW is finally here!

    The first GW I tried was not from Sarms Search and it was bunk. I can't wait to give a real version a go. JK
  20. J

    Fat loss packs from AG Guys

    I'm not seeing a dosing scheduled for all three, or whatever you choose to take. I think they're just moving product out. I wouldn't take the Xplosive Burn and Cardio Heat together, but I don't know how much of each ingredient is present, as there are no labels presented on the site either...
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