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  1. U a joke shipping

    exactly this is why i never come to this forums they wanna bash ironlion then recommend naps lmao i cant take this board serious lol ironlion has tons of hplc testing done by random members on other forums and they all come back with good results
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    Injection on wrong day

    theres lots evidence showing higher injection frequency is better for preventing excess aromatization.... its been working really good for me and i have not needed any AI at all during this cycle
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    Injection on wrong day

    my injection days has always been monday, wednesday and friday but for some reason i thought today was monday and didn't realize it was sunday till i checked my phone after so i injected a day earlier than normal... im gonna skip my monday injection obviously and wait till wednesday to get...
  4. U nasty welts

    you most likely got fake stuff thats not the real official pharmacom website address
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    Calories question

    blasting - im eating in a caloric surplus cruising - still eating the same amount of calories to maintain the new gains made during blast and will increase calories again when the next blast starts this is for bulking when the goal is to get big af
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    Injectable sarms hitting market

    your late... injectable sarms been available
  7. U

    Hello and check out my next cycle

    you only weigh 177lbs at 5'11... you need to focus on training and nutrition before even thinking about starting gear
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    Gear shelf life

    i plan on placing an order soon for test and npp but the npp wont get used until my next blast which is 4-8 months away how long does gear usually last if stored correctly? im just worried about it losing potency should i just order the test now and order the npp later on when it gets closer...
  9. U

    Balkan vs ZPHC

    never ran these labs and trying to decide which one to try out next.. for those who have tried both what are your personal experiences and which one did you like better? also which one gave you less PIP?
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    Rubber stopper breaking.... need tips

    maybe to you its not a big deal but i dont wanna be injecting that shit into my body... and it did get into the syringe i had to toss it
  11. U

    Rubber stopper breaking.... need tips

    canada peptides - - - Updated - - - well thats fucked i wouldnt expect an $80 vial of test to be using cheap ass rubber im using cananda peptides from domestic supply
  12. U

    Rubber stopper breaking.... need tips

    im on my second vial of test and it looks like the rubber stopper keeps getting into the vial im using a 20g needle for drawing i try to rotate where i insert the needle but still pieces of the stopper are still going into the vial i also notice that some oil leaks from the stopper after...
  13. U


    i would stop the primo and find another lab with better carrier oils... alot of people dont react well to synthetic carrier oils like mig
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    Grapeseed oil

    looking for labs that use grapeseed oil as the carrier i know pharmacom uses GSO but it also has EO which i dont react well too if you know any good labs that use GSO let me know below... thanks
  15. U

    How to measure gear from different vials in one syringe

    maybe if your a druggy but the normal people i know dont inject themselves
  16. U

    How to measure gear from different vials in one syringe

    im just trying to learn im still new to injections... this isnt something normal people know off the top of they're heads
  17. U

    How to measure gear from different vials in one syringe

    its not an insulin syringe its a luer lock
  18. U

    How to measure gear from different vials in one syringe

    well yeah i know that but after drawing from the first vial the plunger is moved and not set to the beginning of the syringe anymore so how would you then measure the second compound is the question
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    How to measure gear from different vials in one syringe

    lets say someone want to run 2 or 3 different compounds during a cycle how would they accurately measure the gear in one syringe lets say vial 1 is test, vial 2 is npp and vial 3 is mast after drawing out from vial 1 the plunger will no longer be set at the beginning of the syringe this...
  20. U

    HGH injections

    ill check it out
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