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    Trusted Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 87

    Couldn't agree more. Fingers crossed.
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    OzPharmaLabs exit scamming?

    I received an order from them on last Thursday the 12th, all as per normal. Have been in comms with HOG101 but not Oz. He says they're operating as normal, just hopping off the forums while they work out a security issue. In any case I'm holding any future orders to see how this plays out.
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    Where to get bloodwork done?

    QML is just Queensland’s most common pathology place, but you can take the form anywhere!
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    Where to get bloodwork done?

    Crazy. I’ve been to 2 different doctors in the past 3 months and both were happy to give me pathology requests and send me off to QML all bulk billed. I’ve also used twice recently. Paid $60 each time, got a Pathology request form emailed to me, took that to QML.. Results 48~...
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    Aussie N2guard source or alternative

    Protection.. from.. what? Many of us would supplement, sure - but research and determine what you want to use and *why* you want to use it. Almost all of the commonly used supplements have both pros and cons, for example: NAC has been shown to cause lung and heart damage in mice, TUDCA...
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    OzPharmLabs Review - Test E / Anavar Newbie First Cycle

    Initially dipped my toes with an Anavar-only cycle 4-5 months ago before deciding to push ahead with a proper 12-16 week Test Cycle. So far I've purchased Nexnos HCG, Nolvadex & Arimidex (Unused), Nexnos Anavar, Natco Aromasin and Zloxs Test E 300 from OzPharmLabs. As this is my first venture...
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