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    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia / Proviron

    Hey, Steve, will test make the prostate swell?
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    Dialing in aromasin

    Bloods before the cycle for sure and bloods after pct, correct? Or is it before the pct after cycle
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    Approved Log Testosterone Propionate Dbol and PCT Log

    [Testosterone Propionate] x 1 - 10 Week 1: 500mg Week 2 - 9: 750mg Week 10: 500mg [Dianabol] x 1-6 Weeks 1-6: 75mg/ed Seeing mixed results on the pct. I have used 4 Week pct in the past but people here are saying 6 Weeks to 8 weeks. I've looked into hcgenerate ans n2guard but honestly these...
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    Dialing in aromasin

    Question fella, how is it that I see people getting blood work done so quickly and seemingly easy? If I went to my doctor for blood and asked him To include testosterone levels he would ask me why and really not want to do it even though I have insurance. He infact has said no in the past, so I...
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    Need some assistance with labs on this cycle Test/EQ/tbol

    Just wondering how the blood work while on dbol would be different? What would you expect to see on the blood work that would be typical of dbol? I ask because I am about to run dbol in a test cycle.
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    Genesis Labs Price list is here to view members thanks

    I've never heard of this. Can you expand on this or give me a phrase or something to youtube?
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    Alternatives to naps GP brand Nolvadex?

    Naps Geneza is out of Nolvadex and no telling when they will restock, so do you fellas have any suggestions as to what other brand on napsgear usa domestic is g2g? Truly, I only have ever used Geneza Pharm and I love it but I'm going to have to go with someone else from the naps USA domestic...
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    How much test is available in 100mg/ml of test propionate?

    I understand with test base if you Inject 100mg/ml you get 100mg, but with propionate what is the conversation to how many mg is available in the body after a 100ml injection? Having a hard time phrasing this question to come up with any answers.
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    Where to buy needles and syringes in Aus?

    Needle exchange here only gives 30g insulin syringe for iv use. Domestically to usa is there a website to buy from? I use to use rui- products but they're gone
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    Calories and Macro Basics

    So you calculate the amount of carbs needed after figuring for protein and fats subtracting those two from the total desired daily caloric intake, and what you're left with is the carbs you need to consume? Can't you simply count all your calories/protein/fats and carbs? I'm a little...
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    Nutritional Advise

    Looking for info on what you guys think my target calories, carbs, protein and fat intake should be daily. I use to benefit from lots of eggs and tuna and ground beef for my protein sources, oatmeal, grits ND potatoes for my carbs and never counted fat intake much. I was eating roughly 4500 to...
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    Napsgear USA Domestic

    Do you have a Promo Code for USA domestic order?
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    Napsgear USA Domestic

    What do you say about how much I should order at once? I was thinking about splitting it up so it's a few different ones. Planning to run Test P Wk 1-10 600mg (6 vials) Dbol Wk 1-6 dbol 40ed (3 packs) Clomid wk 11-15 Nolvadex wk 11-15 Adex (1Pack) Maybe Hcg Too much for one order in...
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    Napsgear USA Domestic

    Is there any way for me to NOT sign for this? I've only had to do it once, and I hate that. Also, could I get the gear first, start then order pct or should I have all of it before I start?
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    Napsgear USA Domestic

    Hey fellas. I believe I posted here a few months ago. I've been on so many forums since then I don't remember, but I just want to do a legit check on napsgear usa domestic. I see that it is a sponsor here, so I assume it is g2g. People on reddit are mixed about them but let me just say that I...
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    Leaning back and forth between Napsgear and Domestic-Supply

    I used naps back in 2011 and at that point they didn't have domestic to usa so I've been studying on reviews to see if all is still legit, and it seems there are some mixed reviews with naps lately. I come to this forum and see one thing and MesoRx and other places and see other things. So I'm...
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    Best Brand for Testosterone and Anadrol from Domestic-Supply?

    Hey guys. I was just wanting to dedicate a question for the best brands to use for domestic supply test propionate and anadrol. Can you all make any reccomendations?
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