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    3rd cycle add deca durabolin or not?

    Okay I’ll go with the classy bulking cycle then thanks!!
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    new cycle advice

    Okay why should I ditch the hcg?
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    planning my bulk cycle

    Okay I’ll follow this but with dbol thanks
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    Diet/caloric diet on test+deca cycle

    What you use doesn’t affect your goals
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    looking to lean bulk

    LOL ofc u need arimidex. Always keep AI on hand just in case don’t think you don’t need it bc you’ll end up with man tits. Also I’d suggest aromasin as it’s easier to manage. Too easy to tank ur estrogen with arimidex
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    is IGF-1 faked everywhere?

    Depends if u got a shitty supplier or not
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    How I got rid of Gyno again

    It should be working just keep at it longer
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    Dbol and tren thoughts

    Got it I’ll use Cardarine for sure then. And correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t MK-677 help with appetite problems associated with tren? (I’ve never had appetite problems on tren) but in theory if I did would MK be a possible add?)
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    Rest time between cycles

    I figured it would be a bad idea, I just wanted to see if it was the case. Thank you.
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    gymchemist opinions?

    From looking at *********** you've probably been scammed... Just about every review says they've been scammed for about 4 years. If you don't want to use Domestic-Supply for some reason at least use eroids to check the trustability of the website first. - - - Updated - - - Edit: *********** is...
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    Rest time between cycles

    Would going on to a new cycle right after you're done with your old cycle without doing any pct or rest time be a good idea? Would your natural test production be able to recover?
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    Question about a friends cycle

    Okay thank you
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    Question about a friends cycle

    Okay is there a way to test them to see what is in them? I have always just believed the guy I buy it from.
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    Question about a friends cycle

    Well it’s not for me as I’m scared of the side effects. I would want to get my buddy on but the only problem is that I sell to him (dealer gives me a good discount if I sell his products) and I’d prefer him to not see just how easy it is to get the same stuff shipped to his door. Also I consider...
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    Question about a friends cycle

    He said he has ran over 10 cycles and has a good amount of aromasin and nolva on hand. (I don't know how many cycles someone needs under their belt to be considered not new)
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    Question about a friends cycle

    So my buddy has two vials. One vial has a tren blend of tren e 100mg/tren ace 100mg/ masteron e 100mg/ ml and another vial that has tren e 100mg/ test e 100mg/ mast e 100mg. We are both quite new to steroid cycles and would just like to get opinions on what should be changed if anything or if...
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    Help with a cutting cycle

    Okay I will probably just stick with Tren and Test P (original doses) then for my cut
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    Help with a cutting cycle

    Age: 26 Height: 6'1 Weight:253 Body Fat: 18% Cycle History:4 week Clen Cut, Bulk 12 week Test E 500mg/8 week D-bol 30mg (same cycle) Also okay so it'd be better to just swap winny out completely for masteron? I also have a good amount of extra clen I still have from a previous cycle any way I...
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    Help with a cutting cycle

    Okay so I'll take the test e out and just save it for another cycle and yes I'd be doing Test Prop /week Tren Ace /week Winstrol /week Should I change the Test P and Tren A dosages since I'm getting rid of Test e?
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    Help with a cutting cycle

    My goal for this cutting cycle would just be to get my body fat percentage down 5-10% while retaining most of my muscle gained from my bulk
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