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  1. JackSteel

    Test cycle 6th week in results and questions!!

    You’re completely misreading that. That is due to genetics. 500mg of test is enough to make anyone a superhuman literally in terms of hormones. If you’re comparing the average guy to pros then you’ll be highly disappointed no matter how much you use. They don’t look that way because they used...
  2. JackSteel

    Test cycle 6th week in results and questions!!

    That’s also not true. Steroids do not require high doses at all. I use minimal usually. That false believe is why most people have health issues later in life or even immediately upon using. Steroids in my opinion are overrated IF they use HIGH doses. That just leads to unkeepable gains and bad...
  3. JackSteel

    Evolutionary Podcast Episode #275 - [Q&A] Fake Steroids

    Hrrrrmmm... I wanna know what my girl is doing working out with someone else [emoji13] seriously though. That’s an interesting topic.
  4. JackSteel

    Big gains at 10-12 week on cycle?

    This. And no that doesn’t mean throw in something stronger to fight it.
  5. JackSteel

    Estrogen at 650 help?

    I have nothing new to add except wow! That’s a lot of free test lol
  6. JackSteel

    Such a thing as leg pumps?

    That’s a bad idea to do that without starting aromasin from the beginning.
  7. JackSteel

    Feeling puffy with slightly swollen fingers?

    At that dose and frequency it could be bunk adex. Or it could be creatine. Seems too intense for creatine boost though. No gyno sides or others?
  8. JackSteel

    Glutes have been KO'd

    Delta, glutes, quads, pecs. I would never pin below elbow or knee anywhere.
  9. JackSteel

    HcGenerate vs M1 MK

    I’ve been meaning to try m1mk myself
  10. JackSteel

    Oral Tren vs tren oil dosage

    They’re not the same thing. You may as well think of them as different compounds.
  11. JackSteel

    Test cycle 6th week in results and questions!!

    THIS is NOT what steroids are like. This is a misuse of steroids. When you were overtraining (aka not sleeping enough, training every single day or close to that. Sounds like the OP needed a break and instead got impatient and thought steroids would help and Instead it’s probably over-stressing...
  12. JackSteel

    Fish oil benefits to the body???

    It’s a health supplement. Not a physique changing supplement.
  13. JackSteel

    Testosterone pills enquiry

    That’s what I was gonna ask. Testosterone boosters normally don’t have bad side effects. Just good ones.
  14. JackSteel

    Question on mixing

    Yeah man that’s fine.
  15. JackSteel

    Lump in my calf right after injection

    Lmao. Yeah literally.
  16. JackSteel

    Is my test prop fake?

    Yeah mct always is very thin and clear. Kind of boggles my mind how it can be so clear with AAS in it but it is. Even cypionate is very thin with that stuff.
  17. JackSteel

    Lose elasticity from pinning too much

    Yes that’s probably what I’m thinking of. It was a different brand though. Just careful on top of bone. You can break the skin.
  18. JackSteel

    2019 Sarms Cycle Log (1st Cycle)

    It’s good when you’re budget is low too. Plus free tanning! Lol
  19. JackSteel

    Tbol + Test C + EQ + SARMS

    Otherwise it looks pretty rational. I would continue with mk677 through pct and after if you can
  20. JackSteel

    Tbol + Test C + EQ + SARMS

    If you get a better foundation first. I’d like to see you at 165ish with a 13% or less bf. You can’t simply lose the fat and not build your muscle mass as well or you’ll be very underweight.
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