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  1. BodyMonster34

    I want to blast at 25

    bro hop on tren IF you a real man which sounds like you are
  2. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log PrinceDaddy 2024 Bodybuilding Log (Masters 55+ Competitor)

    bro all in with the hair grooming trying to convince SF dom to do the same
  3. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log 29yo Steroid Blast And Cruise Journey Log

    bro maybe yo allergic to something/
  4. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log Boxcutters Diet Training Log

    bro you think hgh helpin yo sleep?
  5. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log Coolguy Cycle and Training Log

    bro you hydrating enough?
  6. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log Feel Tha B3rn - B3rnies Training Log

    bro love what you are doing !
  7. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log RoidRage69 Log

    bro you and mobster both bagmen of evo
  8. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log LOSIOL TRT Anabolism Cruise Log

    bro good job want to see more red meat though
  9. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log My Second cycle - 12 weeks Testosterone, Deca, Anavar Log

    bro I would just do Sports trt forget pct for what?
  10. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log New Training Log

    bro 26 hours not bad at all next time try breaking that number
  11. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log RoidRageWife Female Training Log

    sister I knew you would come back you are like me addicted to training LOL
  12. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log Testosterone Equipoise Trenbolone cycle Log

    bro I was in Montana a few years back working the oil industry
  13. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log TRT Cycle Diet Training - Restarting Fitness Log

    bro I could definitely do your job should give me a chance when you hit it big and start producing
  14. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log My TRT cycle Training Diet Log

    bro worst case you can just go on sports trt
  15. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log My Get Juiced, Jacked and Crazy Sexy for Summer Log

    bro come on you doing good go enjoy yourself but don't do stupid things we need you here
  16. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log Cycle Blast: Testosterone, NPP, DHB, Anadrol, insulin cycle Log

    bro good volume keep pushing it hard let's see some bigger lifts
  17. BodyMonster34

    Approved Log Fatboy999 2024 Cycle log

    bro impressive job with the volume
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