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    Napsgear cycle and tips

    My bad yes grams
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    Napsgear cycle and tips

    I like the stack but I'd up the caloric intake to atleast 4k a day and 300mg protein
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    MMA steroid stack critique

    Bro did you ever think WHY CHEAT?? You are going to fight someone whether amateur or for a few hundred bucks and you need the sauce for aggression???? Maybe you ARE NOT AS TOUGH AS YOU THINK YOU ARE. If getting punched and kicked from head to toe DOESNT START OR KICK AGGRESSION IN, THEN WHY EVEN...
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    Getting slammed for asking steroid questions

    Keyboard warriors lol No but seriously you're way to young bro thars probably the #1 reason but I'd slap say most noob questions asked have bern answered 100s if not 1000s of times if you just perused the forum or asked google
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    Sarms to boost HGH? True or myth?

    Dylan besides your amazing physique and beyond vast knowledge of almost everything to do with Bodybuilding, I have to ask how long have you bern in the game or learning now???
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    Pigsy's home gym

    Now that's one bad ass throw back looking home gym right there. Str8 80s vibes I'm catching[emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]
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    Bail me out of a mess i am in

    F*%& it dawg. You took the leap now it's time to continue swimming... I'm sure your test will eventually come back up from crashing or not producing from the cycle you ran. I'm sure theres sarms or something although I'm not to knowledgable I wont recommend any. I will say I'm pretty sure a...
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    Lean bulking at 130 lb

    I say since obviously you cant eat the proper calories. I was skinny for many of years until I force fed or started with mk677 itll DEFINITELY help you start to eat the required calories to grow lil man. Stay safe tho being youngs an amazing thing dont screw that up Bro
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    How I used steroids to help me bag 18 year olds

    I learned to put my boots on before reading your bullshit lies. Boy oh boy shits getting deep in heeerrrreeeeeeee
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    Vision from PSL is looking for one more sponsored athlete, please inquire within

    I'm not currently sponsored but I've used plenty of psl in the past. I'm looking to start back on cycle followed by cruise loling to bulk up 25lbs. Barely workout here and there the last 4yrs due to a major work accident with my hand. But I'm all dr cleared and I can go full tilt. So if you want...
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    stripper/escort and steroid use my story

    Bro you're a troll and a mother fucking liar. You have 9 posts and I only can seem to find this post which the rest or other 8 are replies. Why tf are you even on here dawg! Out of all of the whole world,internet and social media sites and platforms you chose this one??? Gtfoh with your...
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    Insulin needles

    Good question. It's crossed my mind until now. I'd imagine we're suppose to swap em to minimize ges and infection but to each is own.
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    What happens if you bend the needle

    Well I'd say since the price of needles didn't go with COVID-19[emoji3083][emoji40] I'd just replace it. But if you're feeling froggy I'd just fish that bent needle around the big vein,small nerve and directly into the muscle[emoji123][emoji123] lmfao
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    What is the longest to run Tren

    Start with trend ace so you can stop the ride or roller coasters as soon as it gets outta wack
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    Picking up gear from post office

    This right here... Leave it to the Russians[emoji28][emoji23][emoji1787]
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    Can I get my wife pregnant while on steroids twice?

    She was not pregnant already bro. I have 3 kids. Wasnt on at all for my first daughter then I was blasting both times for 2nd and 3rd child. I'm not sure what you're even trying to say or insinuate here. There was a question asked and I answered based on my own personal experience. We dont know...
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    Can I get my wife pregnant while on steroids twice?

    I dont know exactly what the scientists say, But I've knocked the wife up twice on test, tren and Proviron.. Now I'm not saying that happens to everyone nor that my cycle is the only cycle to do it. But it sure tf happened to me Bro!!! Keep that pull out game strong or you'll be a Daddy before...
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    Bro YOU NAILED IT. I HATE FUCKERS LIKE THIS TOO[emoji2359][emoji2359][emoji2359][emoji2359][emoji2359]
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    This dude right here REALLY BRO WTF... So you know anything at all about Marijuana and its healing and medicinal properties?? THC is what gets you high af... CBC CONTAINS ZERO THC! Therefore itll never ever get you high, NOT ONE BIT... I suggest getting your head out of your ass and hitting a...
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    Tren and cramping

    I'm on tren e,eq and test e. I just started cramping super bad a few days ago as well.. Like to the point where I can not put weight on my calves or thighs Bro...
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