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    This pre-workout is So intense, you'll get arrested for assaulting the weights!

    You probably should change your name ;) - - - Updated - - - TheBrilliant
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    Get explosive more athletic

    Can you elaborate thru science to substantiate this or you only have anecdotal experience? - - - Updated - - - My understanding is that winstrol is superior using the guidelines of the op. - - - Updated - - - You want me to go first?
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    Get explosive more athletic

    Power What It Is and How To Get It By: Kelly Baggett People usually associate power with the thought of some 300 lb Paul Bunyan looking cat struggling underneath a bar bending load of iron - Or a strongman on ESPN picking up a car on and hauling it across a parking lot - all the while...
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    Help with tren psychological sides!

    What helped me was upping the test. If you want to leave the Tren at 400 try 400-500mg test. Ymmv
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    Tren/Cardarine Crossfit cycle

    Ok, I will follow your advice
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    caffeine pills question

    If you need caffeine something is wrong. Caffeine is natural insecticide for plants. - - - Updated - - - This.......
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    How dangerous is pouring test into the back of a syringe as opposed to drawing it?

    Not dangerous at all especially if you’re using ampules. If not, then the problem is exposing the rest of the test to oxygen which would degrade it a lot faster.
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    Tren/Cardarine Crossfit cycle

    Tren with the type of training you do is going to make you miserable, even with cardarine. You don’t need steroids to get “vacation” jus willpower.
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    Tren/Cardarine Crossfit cycle

    Sorry, I cant help it. I’ll refrain from the jokes though. CrossFit isn’t training, it’s exercise. Good luck avoiding injury.
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    Newbie to the scene- Thoughts on testosterone boosters "real or bunk?"

    A lot of people sleep on lithium. Lithium will increase your test more effectively than any of these highly marketed money extractors ever will. Before I started juicing lithium made a noticeable increase in size of my testicles.
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    No fat loss from Dnp.

    Great! Let’s squash and move forward bro.
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    No fat loss from Dnp.

    Juvenile response.. hope everything works out for you.
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    Anavar start up

    If you’re training properly in the compound lifts lack of strength won’t be an issue. Anavars a crutch for lazy people in this regard.
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    Anavar start up

    Anavar is fairly week and better suited for women. Unless you’re just trying to preserve muscle on a cut, winny or Tbol with test is a better choice.
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    Hair loss Symptoms

    Wear one half the week. That’s a really good idea. I wonder if wearing one helps contribute to hair loss? - - - Updated - - - Did/is it growing back?
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    When people confront you on aas what you say?

    The proper response would be to tell the truth or laugh and say don’t worry about it/non of you’re business. Not sure of the circumstances but slap ass in mma training not really a big deal. Definitely want to know if there trying to punch me in the face.
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    When people confront you on aas what you say?

    Tell them the truth? - - - Updated - - - in·teg·ri·ty /inˈteɡrədē/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. "he is known to be a man of integrity" synonyms: honesty, uprightness, probity, rectitude, honor, honorableness...
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    First time pinning PSL sustanon

    Why is crashed gear understandable?
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    Cycle for size gain

    Likely, once you do a cycle you’ll be unhappy working out drug free. If you do decide to juice 1 year easily to achieve your goal of 230 around 12 percent body fat. Natty, doubt you’ll ever make it to 220 “lean”. My suggestion would be to stay natty and reevaluate when you’re 30. Look into a...
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