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  1. Shakenbake

    GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

    5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews I've placed a few orders with these guys and am about to place another... every step of the way they've worked with me, from honoring a sale a day or two late (my bad on that, but they went above and beyond) to quick email replies to even...
  2. Shakenbake

    One week....

    Years later my mom still keeps a habit she's had since I went away to college: little emails about what's going on at home. Work, dog, town, family friends, siblings... It's kept me closer than I would have been as I don't get home often enough (my fault, not hers, and not an indication of your...
  3. Shakenbake

    Forum sensitive questions SWIM

    Did we really already misremember the entire Zimmerman case? The whole point was the kid had fucking SKITTLES on him and apparently it's ok to shoot him if you've failed the police exam enough times and he's wearing a hoodie. Shit...
  4. Shakenbake

    Does anyone use an iPhone app at the gym to track progress?

    I've honestly just started using numbers... Apple's excel type app... I can set up my own programs, base reps and %s on training maxes (ala 531), and even track overall volume (weight moved) and workout density (weight moved divided by total reps or sets), which are two of my biggest growth...
  5. Shakenbake

    Real strength is in the core!!!!!!

    I don't like to judge, but I have two thoughts I'm always tempted to hit vegans with: 1) canine teeth. 2) we're you breast-fed? Will you breast-feed your children? Isn't mother's milk an animal product?
  6. Shakenbake

    thanks bigturk

    Glad someone else caught that. Lol.
  7. Shakenbake

    Ancillary Profile: Aromasin (Exemestane) - suicidal aromatase inhibitor - FACTS

    Curious what influences your choice... I've seen a TON of debate and preference, but haven't seen anything too clear on when/why.
  8. Shakenbake


    And you just fucking KNOW it's about to happen too... Kind of a moment killer lol.
  9. Shakenbake

    Squat Safety

    Exactly^^^ I just read something on this the other day... The research methodology was garbage from a fitness standpoint. And while I'm not a big Cross Fit guy (I don't even own a headband haha), Kelly Starrett has some great stuff about squat mechanics, external knee rotation and torque, and...
  10. Shakenbake

    1st annual competiton.

    Think this ^^^ is what Matty wins...
  11. Shakenbake

    Bodybuilding & Spirituality

    You're not human if you haven't been down in the shit and had to find a way out... On bad days I almost feel like I owe something back to the weights for all I've gotten from them.
  12. Shakenbake

    Front Loading Long Esters + Cycle

    I'm the last guy to be giving you advice based on your recent intro, but in answer, yes... Just front-loaded Test E in essentially the same way you're describing. Used roidcalc to look at estimated blood levels based on pin frequency, dosing, and half-life... At least for me it worked well...
  13. Shakenbake

    GRG Prop Review

    Yeah I plan on it... Appreciate everything I've seen so far tho
  14. Shakenbake

    Learning guide for beginners?

    Seriously, just one more reason I've gotten to like this community so much... Feel like there's not enough of a genuine spirit of helpfulness and learning around training sometimes... Too much ego and competition getting in the way, combined with some bozo bro-science...
  15. Shakenbake

    GRG Prop Review

    Waiting on an order I just placed with these guys, and so far have been impressed with communication and flexibility... Even hooking me up with a custom. And coming out of a holiday weekend promising Monday drop? Nice...
  16. Shakenbake

    Learning guide for beginners?

    Sounds like a great idea... I think especially being able to see potential stacks, dosing ratios, AIso, SERMS, and the like for each compound could be awesome. I know I'd look it over. Solid idea!
  17. Shakenbake

    I won the show guys 1st place heavies

    Dude, you look solid. That's a shit ton of work... Good for you man.
  18. Shakenbake

    Injection Images (Glutes, Quads, Delt)

    As a newbie to AAS myself, glutes and delts have been fine. Some PIP, but more a shaky needle first pin than anything else. My own fault. And honestly, find a spot in the mirror, put your finger near it, and then twist like 30 degrees. Glutes not that hard.
  19. Shakenbake

    Should I lower my test?

    Always down for a Zoolander reference... And are you gambling M_T? Might explain the handle you go by lol...
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