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  1. J

    Anavar anadrol Australia

    Can Anyone please link me a legit reliable source? I’ve ordered through OG on Threema, Ozpharm labs. 17 days ago and still haven’t received my order. In need asap
  2. J

    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    Can you send me through the Threema I’d for them? Cheers
  3. J

    My next napsgear run tips and advice

    Chee cheers mate, I’ve been using aus pharma the last 8 weeks. My new vial I received has black bits, what looks to be burnt? Floating around in it. Rather switch suppliers than risk a possible infection.
  4. J

    My next napsgear run tips and advice

    How do I go about purchasing napsgear? Anyone got a link
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