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    Stronger now or later ?

    If you want strength you can get it with anadrol preworkout rather than having to deal with all the sides of tren
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    Losing sarms virginity

    Yeh these are good dosages
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    My cycle log

    Drinking alot of raw cold pressed jersey milk these days. Stuff is so tasty compared to normal milk. I also drink a fermented yoghurt every day and one banana, mandarin and apple. Its the pizza/kfc zinger stackers that I have trouble with. Few days into anadrol now definitely liking the added...
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    Leaning up on sarms

    If you can find some injectable sr9009 i would definitely add that in
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    sarms recovery stacking

    add in some cbd oil with the mk677 for the best sleeps ever
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    What should my estrogen level be?

    I would let the estradiol go up as high as you can without getting sides. It's good your brain and good for gains. I would stop the aromasin as your getting more than enough estradiol control from the EQ alone
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    Time to start stacking steroids

    test + deca + eq
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    Sarms for back issues

    you'd be better off taking bpc157, tb500 and a few units of gh imo
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    Planning out my next bulker

    add in enough EQ so that you don't need an AI
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    Difference between test cyp and E

    id be more concerned about what carrier oil and bb/ba% they use than whether its test e or test c
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    Words of wisdom

    True failure is giving up the will to fail one more time
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    12 week sarms vs. 8 weeks

    I imagine by 8 weeks you will be shutdown to the point where you will want to come off
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    Why slow gains are better than fast ones

    I'm impatient af with getting results but i have to agree slow gains are better
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    Deca/Test/Bolder/Anabol/Deca experiment cycle

    Play with the eq/deca dosages over the course of the cycle to the point where you don't need an AI or caber/prami. It will be higher eq and lower deca. EQ will lower your overall e2 given the same level of aromatizing hormones.
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    Napsgear: Are Plastics Causing Testosterone Levels to Decline?

    all the more reason to shoot exogenous hormones
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    More size in a short time stack

    If you want to avoid using an AI you could add in EQ instead
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    Deca hair loss common?

    from what i've heard deca is very hair safe for most people. the ultimate hair safe combo is s4 + e2 cream imo.
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    Are orals worth it?

    Most of the guru's I listen to say thats not worth it and your better off just sticking to injectables especially when bulking
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    EQ kidney damage in study?

    For those interested this is the study i was referring to
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    My cycle log

    I popped my first anadrol 50 of the cycle today just before hitting the sack see how long i can go before it starts fucking my appetite up
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