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    I have had previous bloodwork done. This is not a family practitioner either. His expressed statement was off previous levels that I had 3 months ago in which he advised that I look at trt as an option given as I was at 200 ng/dl my gastro doc and him have both talked about corrective measures...
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    So going in Tuesday to get bloodwork done to check all my levels and will post it. Currently sitting at 258.8 and not a healthy weight at all. Spoke to my doctor previously in which he said at my age (40) that he believes it’s low testosterone and would like to see me on trt. I have had a...
  3. D selling phony beligas?

    Domestic supply is good. I have beligas gear and happy with it. Don’t do those inverted sites like americaroids unless you got money to lose and questionable gear if you do get it.
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    Anadrol log and info

    Personal info: 40 years old Been lifting for over 15 years took some time off due to a shattered ankle but now back at it. Taken test in the past and worked well for me 200mg a week is what I was told. After surgery I gained a lot of weight Currently 252 lbs in which doctor said bf is sitting...
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