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  1. OzPharmLabs

    OzPharmLabs Christmas Charity Auction

    Hey guys. Thanks for all getting involved. Fuzzywuzzy. Please contact me on Threema and I will take your detail. Congratulations brother😊
  2. OzPharmLabs

    OzPharmLabs Christmas Charity Auction

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well in the lead up to Christmas and are making the most of the up coming time to spend with Family and loved ones. We are taking the time to also give back to the community and are holding a charity raffle with all proceeds going to the make a wish fund. This...
  3. OzPharmLabs


    Hey boys. We have solids tests on our OzPharmLabs Primo. Not going to lie we had issues with Nexnos batch being underdosed at around 140mg no 200mg. Has now been fixed now. However that being said. It is all legitimate Primo. You want to waste your money on amps let me know because I can...
  4. OzPharmLabs

    Hate to say it but ozpharm tren a is bunk or very underdosed..

    Agreed and thanks for the back up brother. Any issues like this we love to hear more about so we can look into it further.
  5. OzPharmLabs

    Nexnos NPP 200mg/ml?

    Hey guys. It’s definitely good to go and is as it is advertised. We would have no need to falsely advertise it. Would love to hear any progress journals.
  6. OzPharmLabs

    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 87

    Hey all, Hope you are all smashing your summer goals! Has been a good year seeing Covid bans lifted and people back out living. Festivals back on. Gyms open. Bars. It’s all back up and open. Just posting here to let you all know we are very much open and current. Taking orders and as asked...
  7. OzPharmLabs

    Hate to say it but ozpharm tren a is bunk or very underdosed..

    Hey what else are you using along side 400mg of our Tren Ace.? What are you aiming to achieve off 400mg of ace. I personally have never needed more then 150mg of Tren ace a week to see amazing results.
  8. OzPharmLabs

    Is my gear bunk or undersized?

    I’m just going to be really honest and say I don’t know what is going but am doubtful the gear is bunk and/or underdosed. I say this in the case you are running 300mg of Test E with 600mg of Primo. It’s just not something I’ve done before and am not sure what you were expecting from this combo...
  9. OzPharmLabs

    Is my gear bunk or undersized?

    Hey mate, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Do you also have your pre and during estrogen levels as we all no that can highly effect the testosterone levels. Personally 500mg puts me about 90 with low E2. 400mg would be about the 70 mark for me but I’d like to see your E2 levels to...
  10. OzPharmLabs

    OzPharmLabs Update Inc Alternative Order Contact

    A warm hello to all our fellow Evo Brothers and Sisters! 👋🏼 As you all know we are back from our working break with even more products available for everyone and are super excited about what is on the way. I do apologise to any and all members on the delay on getting back to you in a...
  11. OzPharmLabs

    OzPharmLabs Mid Year break Until 11/7

    Hey all! A warm Hello from the OzPharm Team! Just a quick post to let you all know that we are now back early from Holidays/catching up on stock and are now taking orders. Plenty of stock now in and ready to go. Unfortunately we still didn’t get the orals ready. They won’t be far off though...
  12. OzPharmLabs

    Source while ozpharma is away

    Hey guys and gals. Just letting you all know we are back early and taking orders. Thanks. OzPharm.
  13. OzPharmLabs

    OzPharmLabs Mid Year break Until 11/7

    Hi all! A massive thanks to all your support this year. We genuinely appreciate it! We wouldn’t be where we are without you guys!! 😊 As most of you are aware we are shutting shop for roughly 7-10 days as our crew desperately need a break off sale to do some behind the scenes work. This may...
  14. OzPharmLabs

    Raw Powders Source.

    It’s a bit like if it’s a hobby and an interest then it’s worth doing. If you are doing it to save money it’s really not worth it. As Phoenix said so many scammers then if you manage to filter through them then you have the issue of getting it through customs. Which is not easy at the best of...
  15. OzPharmLabs

    Site that is legit and quality

    Sites are becoming harder to keep and less safe. A lot get shit down as they attract a lot of heat. Especially on the clear net. Most suppliers have gone back to operating through apps only. Feel free to message us on Threema. Our ordering process is very personable and simple. Thanks. Oz
  16. OzPharmLabs

    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 86

    Hey Gents. Stick to us trusted suppliers ☺️ OzPharm
  17. OzPharmLabs

    Legit IGF in Autralia?

    Hey mate. We have fresh OzPharm Peptides I’m stock ready to go. Please contact us on Threema and we can help out. Thanks. OzPharm
  18. OzPharmLabs

    Pharma Goods

    Hey Mate. Feel free to hit us up and we will help you out with whatever you need. Oz.
  19. OzPharmLabs

    Hey Bro's, just wondering where good place To Find Clen In Australia?

    Hey guys. We have plenty of Clen tabs in stock ready to ship.
  20. OzPharmLabs


    Hey brother. You’re a regular. You should know we have everything. 😉 Message me on Threema. We have it in stock ready to ship.
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