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  1. stevesmi

    I need help! Have to cut 40lbs in 12 weeks! For boxing fight! Sarms? Tren? Test?

    the way you would do it is like this: day 1 fasting day 2: 2-3 meals healthy meals of course day 3 fasting day 4: 2-3 meals and onward this will keep your body burning fat like crazy and its very easy to do even for a newbie to this
  2. stevesmi

    How Steroids Changed your Life for the better

    steve martin best movie he did hands down planes, trains and automobiles
  3. stevesmi

    Approved Log My bulking LOG after 10 years of weightloss surgery

    forget the whole slow release protein bro science, that was made up years ago by supplement companies no such thing as 'slow release protein' atleast in the way people think that actually translates too let's destroy your gut health
  4. stevesmi

    Approved Log Testosterone, Trenbolone, Masteron, Anavar cycle log

    try and do a 3-4 week gap between the orals. make sure you run n2guard
  5. stevesmi

    Approved Log RoidRage69 Log

    Nothing better than ripping apart your legs. It's a good accomplishment, considering so many don't even train them properly.
  6. stevesmi

    Approved Log My Pre-cycle Diet Training Log

    Amazing. How many people have to Baby their shoulders Including me It's almost like as human beings. Our shoulders were deformed when we got evolved.
  7. stevesmi

    Approved Log My Testosterone NPP Cycle Log

    I said, many years ago, training calves were the best exercise. Tall lanky guys hate that because they have shitty calves.
  8. stevesmi

    Approved Log S.Gentz 2023/2024 bulk log

    Nothing better than a awesome dog. If I could afford it, I would have 20 of them. Cats too.
  9. stevesmi

    Approved Log Dbol and test cypionate 10-week log

    It's a lifelong journey. For sure. You are doing great on this log. Keep it up.
  10. stevesmi

    Approved Log Powerlifting 2023-2024 cycle Log - Female

    Everybody loves cereal. But cereal doesn't love your body. Try and find something more healthy to eat on a consistent basis
  11. stevesmi

    Approved Log Female + Vegan + fasting OFF gear natural log

    nice job on this. and following it up with yoga is impressive
  12. stevesmi

    What manufacturers use GS oil, or CS oil?

    a little bit of crashing is not abnormal but i'm not an expert on making gear also a lot of sources/brands won't disclose what type of oil they use publicly but if you reach out they will tell you
  13. stevesmi

    Come Back of a meathead

    we have some canadian sources on here. talk to masonic bodybuilder
  14. stevesmi

    Approved Log My Testosterone Trenbolone Strength Cycle Log

    it has 44 ingredients that help with everything and will help your bloods. hence why we recommend it
  15. stevesmi vacation or what? is the place to buy gear that is safe
  16. stevesmi

    Melanotan source has it
  17. stevesmi

    HELP need Australian source!!

    you need to learn crypto man. i hate computer shit too, but i figured it out.. if i can you can
  18. stevesmi

    What does knee pain really mean?

    some sort of injury causing inflammation if you take a drug to shut off inflammation you will feel better, but the injury will get worse if you keep lifting tough situation, gotta take time off and take joint help
  19. stevesmi

    N2guard on cycle vs. off review

    that is the recommended dosage. if its a light cycle you can do 3-4 caps but 7 is recommended
  20. stevesmi

    2nd cycle and looking for growth

    i've never did more than 900mgs + an oral 1500mgs is not necessary at your size. you got a lot of room to improve run a cycle 500mgs that is all you need
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