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  1. zirapb47

    Aus juice back in buisness

    Do not place any order… let me talk to them first, i know they legit but still need to verify… i know these guys very well… hope all good… but again guys be careful… oldboy187 jerry was good but scammed many Aussie brothers in a day… so be careful….
  2. zirapb47

    Aus juice back in buisness

    Always go with small order bro, i know Ausjuice.they were first in this game but disappeared after few years.. They were the best at that time… update everyone when you receive the order. Thanks
  3. zirapb47

    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    Nice work bro, Safety first.. Fuck the scammers….
  4. zirapb47

    North Queensland gear

    Dogs are only designed to sniff hard drugs… not medicine.. !! Steriods/pct etc stuff classified as medicine… so not to worry.. doesn’t matter Domestic or international… i have heaps pharma stuff sitting here from Asian countries… but local police sometimes check all domestic parcels specially...
  5. zirapb47

    Alert!! Mate got busted

    It happens if someone reported or give solid info to police [emoji1980]…. otherwise AFP never ever knock your door for steriods… They not drugs like coke meth mdma… They prescription medications …. They seize the gears and gives you the letter if you have doctor letter to import that shit… if...
  6. zirapb47

    North Queensland gear

    Red post to Qld [emoji837][emoji837]via Road Transport[emoji1303] [emoji1303], Express too Risky… all parcels going through scanning at Brisbane airport…. BETTER LATE THEN NEVER !!!
  7. zirapb47

    Anyone approved selling Accutane that isn't sold out?

    Message me cunt… i have heaps Accutane… if you smart enough then easily source it…. Anyways message me and I’ll help you out….
  8. zirapb47

    Peptide source Aus?

    But if i got shoulder injury and i’m injecting in belly fat still it will be beneficial ? or has to go in shoulder ?? Tbh never used that stuff… btw i’m not injured now just collecting some good info… Cheers
  9. zirapb47

    Peptide source Aus?

    Just wondering does bpc157 and TB500 really help for injuries ?? Even gh ??? I used only pharma nandrolone 100mg amps and they worked very well…
  10. zirapb47

    Ozpharmlabs closure???

    Just use apex,ozshop and oldboy187 - All Legit, you won’t disappointed bro [emoji41].
  11. zirapb47

    ready to supply

    Jerry known as oldboy187…. Quick delivery,Legit as fuck… delivery within 2-3 days… Nice bloke to talk with…. No fuck around… Keep it up good work… Legend [emoji1303]
  12. zirapb47

    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    Apex Test 400 blend is amazing… makes horny as fuck…. Legit gear… keep up the good work brother… [emoji736][emoji736][emoji736][emoji1303]
  13. zirapb47

    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 87

    I didn’t get any messages or notifications here since 23 August, wondering why ?? Anyways how’s everyone ?
  14. zirapb47

    Has anyone ordered from OZShop recently?

    Bro why so much hate ? I know ozshop, ozpharma and other sponsors on bop. I deal with all and buy from them. If you don’t like something just leave it but don’t spread hate… I bought some treslone ment from 1 of the sponsor but I didn’t like his test prop but that doesn’t mean he is shit.. no...
  15. zirapb47

    Is oz shop still operating

    Just wait…
  16. zirapb47

    Proper source for high end pharma ?

    Hi sorry Please don’t mention these sleeping anxiety meds here… If you need anything then contact approved source ozpharama or contact ozshop or go to different forums (bop) Mods doesn’t allow all this.. Thanks
  17. zirapb47

    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 86

    Let’s clarify all this. As far i know ozshop hes not scammer. If anyone doubt… don’t fucken buy from him and use your own sources but don’t spread hate all our the world.
  18. zirapb47

    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 86

    Wtf happening here …. ???
  19. zirapb47

    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 86

    Hi guys I’m using T3 first time in my life, this stuff is so good, i lost 6 kg in 2-3 weeks but still drinking and party on weekends. Only downfall is when i lift heavy weights my legs and hands shakes badly.. anyone having a same experience ??
  20. zirapb47

    Beyond Blue Charity Auction

    Nice work [emoji1362]
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