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  1. StreetSavage0303 or

    Messaged pharmacom directly for verification
  2. StreetSavage0303 or

    Again, no proof. Just a bunch of claims. One of which was already called out as false on this thread Not looking for a babysitter. Trying to sift through the misinformation, BRO….
  3. StreetSavage0303 or

    With all due respect, can you please prove it?
  4. StreetSavage0303 or

    Does anyone have documentation to prove the claims against I have been using them for years with no issue Even the pharmacom labs website list them as their store What is going on?
  5. StreetSavage0303

    Clen colour

    I’ve liquid clen a few times and it’s been a few different colors I wouldn’t worry about You’ll know it’s real very quick lol
  6. StreetSavage0303

    Undersized but motivated

    350 mg sus per week and start eating more
  7. StreetSavage0303

    Steroids and Bulking solutions

    Diet, training, gear. In that order 250 mg test E5D for your first cycle If you aren’t gaining weight, you aren’t eating enough 300g of protein is a little overboard. Start looking at carbs and fats too
  8. StreetSavage0303

    First cycle anavar and test

    50 mg 6 weeks, or just run the test
  9. StreetSavage0303

    Test e, Primo, Tren E cycle

    I’d pull the Winnie and var But that’s just me personally It would crush my appetite if I was bulking
  10. StreetSavage0303

    Best way to run winstrol?

    I second this Make sure your start somewhat lean, and don’t go over 6 weeks
  11. StreetSavage0303

    Coming off a masteron cycle

    You are no where near ready for this
  12. StreetSavage0303

    300 test E, 100 Decca cycle

    200 mg is minimum effective dose of deca
  13. StreetSavage0303

    600mgs test first cycle checklist

    That’s a little high for your first cycle I’d recommend 250 mg every 5 days
  14. StreetSavage0303

    Doing 1000mgs a week of straight testosterone

    Keep the test at 500 mg and throw in some EQ big dawg 1000 mg test is too high for your experience level
  15. StreetSavage0303

    Doing things the wrong way?

    Assuming since you are on TRT, you know where your bloods are If you want to add some orals, Tbol or anavar would be a good choice for your program Just keep the cycles short (4-6 weeks) and work them around your blood test or your doc will find out
  16. StreetSavage0303

    Trenbolone water base

    I heard the base is fire Would love to see if your results are sustained
  17. StreetSavage0303

    My first tren cycle/ Advice

    Sounds like you got bunk gear
  18. StreetSavage0303

    Cutting mix plus

    Maybe an AI depending on response to test Liver support will also help Not really sure you want to mess with tren The questions you are asking makes me think you don’t have much experience, and tren sides can be hard to deal with
  19. StreetSavage0303

    Elbow pain on cycle

    Add in some ostarine and take a deload week
  20. StreetSavage0303

    No appetite on tren ?

    Tren is too high for you at the moment Need to back off, if not stop entirely All the sides you mentioned are common though
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